Are you planning a trip to the UK? You are in luck as this historically rich country has a lot to offer you! You can indulge in its amazing culture, take in its picturesque views, dine in strategically placed restaurants that ooze the authentic UK vibe, and more. Did we mention that many people in the UK are avid gamblers? If you’ve been angling for a chance to play a traditional bingo game, now would be the time to do so. And to gear up for that showdown, how about getting some practice underway? We recommend starting with this 888 ladies bingo review before dipping your foot in online bingo. That should give you the confidence to put some money on the line. But besides bingo, what else does the UK have to offer a curious visitor?


How would you like to combine a view of Victorian-inspired architecture and sandy seashores? That’s what you get in this popular UK destination. Moreover, it boasts museum galleries that showcase some of the oldest art you will find in the region. So, if you fancy a trip down memory lane, this would be a good choice. If you are more into the culture, you will be happy to explore the ancient architecture in the region, popping in and out of the churches and staring at the towering terrains. Finish the tour off with a walk by the beach shores as you marvel at how beautiful one city can be.


Did you see this coming? Even with its modern feel and crazy traffic, there’s a reason tourists cannot help but keep coming back to this city. It boasts everything one would want in a tour of the UK – the parks, cafes, restaurants, museums, art galleries, people, etc. Moreover, being in one of the biggest cities allows you to get in on all of the trending events. You get to stay at the best hotels while hopping from one event to another. So, what should you try in the city? We recommend a Thames cruise. How else would you admire the beauty of the city? Add a boat ride in Hyde Park, a visit to Brick Lane, and a view from the London Eye, and you are good to go. If you want to take something home to remember this great city by, go to Portobello Road Market. You are sure to find something that bears a lot of meaning.


Did you know that Edinburgh ranks as the most beautiful city in Europe? So, if you can’t make it to the other spots listed on this list, be sure to make a stop here. Why? Besides ancient architecture that will tug at the very depths of your soul, this city also has an amazing history. You can revel in it as you explore the Old Town, the castle rocks, and the vintage buildings. If you are up for a wild night of fun, how about touring the nightclubs? They will not disappoint you, what with their festive vibes to boot. Plan a tour of this city between June and August when you can take in the best of its sights. And while you are here, be sure to pass by the Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh Dungeon.


Do you want to sit and stare at a beautiful beach with towering coastline houses as its backdrop? Then, this is the place you want to be. Tourists enjoy this village most between January and April. And should you be lucky enough to head down here, we advise that you extend your trip to at least three days. Only then can you fully explore the Cornish villages and take in Gunwalloe Beach. Other scenic attractions include Isles of Scilly, Barbara Hepworth Museum, and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. And if you do not spook easy, how about spending an entire day at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic? It’s not a typo – this museum actually exists!


If you will be in England, why not stop by this architectural wonder of a tourist destination? With green fields sprawled across the city coupled with an enchanting sky, tourists cannot help but get lost in its beauty. It oozes a romantic vintage vibe that will have you falling in love with everything around you. So, what should you visit? We recommend passing by the University of Cambridge before heading to the Fitzwilliam Museum, where you will get transported to a realm away. And because you will not want to miss out on The Mathematical Bridge or the chance to get some souvenirs at Grafton Center, do plan at least a two-day stay.


Yes, we are back in Scotland, and for a good reason. What better way to explore Scotland’s beauty than staying at one of its biggest cities? This historic city boasts a contemporary vibe, enabling you to take in the best of its past and present structures. Even with modernization hot on this city’s heels, it has held onto what makes it special – the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, the Burrel Collection, and more. If you stay here for about two to three days, you will have the chance to explore these landmarks and more, including a visit to the Hunterian Art Gallery!


It’s almost impossible to come across a tourist guide to the UK that does not include its spectacular attraction in Welsh. And who could blame the people writing the guides? After all, who would not want to set their eyes on a castle built by Edward I? A visit to this castle takes you back in time to when this was a Roman town. You get to see the architecture that protected this stronghold. And thanks to the UNESCO World Heritage Site ranking, the structure stands almost as it did those centuries ago. So, you can walk on the cobbled streets and make your way up the purple hills, living as our ancestors must have those eons ago. Once you are done gazing at the castle, you might want to complement your trip with a tour of the Pant Du Vineyard. That should be a highlight of your trip. And if you have more time on your hands, why not pass by the Gypsy Wood Park and the Aberglaslyn Pass?

Interestingly, these are but a few of the attractions in the UK. You can also explore other notable places, including:

  • Belfast in Northern Island: While here, be sure to take the City Bus Tour and have a picnic at Botanic Gardens,
  • Chester in England: Spending about two days here would be ideal, enabling you to explore Beeston Castle and take a walk through the Ness Botanic Gardens,
  • Yorkshire in England: Given the number of activities in the area, you are better off spending at least 5 days here. How else would you explore the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal Water Garden, The Deep, and more?

The list of places to visit in the UK is quite extensive. Pick one of these options, pack light, and see where the road takes you. Remember to have fun!