Gaming tournaments keep getting bigger as more people show interest in what has become more than a pastime. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy for a gamer to make money by competing in tournaments. And we are not talking about a couple of thousands of dollars. If a gamer commits to e-sports, it’s possible to make millions from it. Fans have not been left behind either. They also have the chance to rake in money from wagering on sites like those in All it takes is understanding how e-sports work, figuring out the teams and players with the best odds and backing them with some cash. So, how can players succeed in e-sports? Let’s find out:

How to Succeed in E-Sports

The esports industry is so huge that it encompasses more than players. It also includes bloggers, journalists, bettors, betting platforms, tournament organizers, software providers, etc. Thus, when we talk about how to succeed in e-sports, we must narrow it down to one of these categories. And in this case, we will focus on how players can get better in their trade:

1.    Understand Why You Are Playing

Playing esports is like embarking on any other career. You must ask yourself the hard questions. For example, if you were to start a bakery, you need to understand your underlying motivations. Do the same with e-sports. Why are you playing competitively?

  • Are you trying to make more money?
  • Do you do it because you enjoy the thrill of the game?
  • Are you looking for the chance to be part of a community?

All of these answers are right. You must ensure that your motivation is positive – because when the training gets hard, and you end up forfeiting a game, you will need to remind yourself why you started. And if you did it because of a reason that cannot keep you going, it will be next to impossible to keep up with the pace.

Want an example of a bad reason to start playing e-sports?

  • Because you want to make a lot of money right now. While it’s true that some gamers take home as much as $10,000 a month, not every gamer starts at that level. And expecting to peak overnight can burn you out.
  • Because you want to be famous. You can build an audience through e-sports. However, people can tell who is gaming for the right reasons. And the minute they sense you are in it for clout, your star’s shine will start to dim.

Another bad reason to start gaming is that you want to be an overnight success. Gaming is work, just like any other career. You will need to put in the work. And that is where your motivation will make all the difference.

2.    Choose the Right Game

Once you are sure that you are into e-sports for sustainable reasons, you can move to the next step. You have two options in this case:

  • You can go with an upcoming game: The best thing about games in their early stages is that players get to have a say in the development. And with a game’s development revolving around your gaming style, it’s pretty hard to lose out on the top prizes. Is there a risk to choosing new games? Of course! Such games don’t have sustainable resources, and if they do not amass an adequate following, they stagnate, forcing players to seek alternatives.
  • You can choose a game that’s been around for a while. The beauty of such a game is the existing resources that ensure stability in your gaming career. Take an example of a game like CS: GO. It has a fantastic community (both fans and players), enabling its players to participate in some of the most notable tournaments. Unfortunately, this also means that rising to the top is quite an arduous task.

So, how should you choose a game? Remember the motivation you chose earlier? It will help you work out which game you should select. For example, if you want to be part of a gaming community, a well-established game makes the most sense.

3.    Be Part of the Community

The gaming community comes in handy in many ways. First, it allows you to get a sneak peek into the lives of pro gamers. You can gauge how much they earn, how balanced their lives are, and what it took to get to where they are. That is not information you would readily find in other forums. Secondly, it lets you interact with fellow gamers, most of whom will probably be at your level. You can share gaming notes, track game changes, and probably even make new friends. And finally, you get to assess just how well you fit into the gaming world. While you do not need to tick every box, it helps to see if such a lifestyle suits your playing motivations. Moreover, you can get tips on juggling between gaming and other aspects of your life. And even get tips on how to avoid getting sore after spending hours on end behind a PC.

4.    Invest in Gaming Equipment

At this point, you have understood why you want to game, decided on the right game, and joined a thriving community where pro gamers show off their skills. What’s next? Well, it’s time to put all that knowledge to the test by actually gaming. After all, how else will you rise the ranks if you do not put work into gaming? The best way to assess what you need for a game is to assess the particular game you want to play. Which peripherals will make it easier to play? What kind of a PC do you need? Can you play the game via phone, or must you rely on high processing power? Keep in mind that the equipment you buy now will come in handy when you eventually make it to tournaments. So, while you may feel the need to skimp, it’s advisable to get quality stuff now.

5.    Train, Train, & Train

E-sports are like any other sport. And what do all athletes do to stay on top of their game? Well, they put in hours and hours of training – which is what you will need to do. Find people in gaming forums at your level and play against them. As you get better, keep challenging people at higher levels. Watch videos, read comments on gaming forums and do whatever it takes to level up your gaming career. Without good practice, you will not understand or work on your weaknesses, nor will you capitalize on your strengths. So, keep going at it.

Eventually, you can join a team, enabling you to play competitively in esports tournaments where you will finally have the chance to grab the top prizes. Of course, this will come with the added perks of getting sponsorships and more views on your gaming channel. But for now, focus on the basics. And when the time comes to go pro, you will have set the proper foundation for your career. All the best!