Order of the Egonauts Launches Series 2 of 12 featuring CZ in their 12 month limited NFT Collection

The Order of the Egonauts is releasing their 2nd series Egonaut NFT on March 30, 2022. The next series features Changpeng Zhao or CZ, the founder of Binance as most know him. The release comes during Binance Blockchain week taking place in Dubai. Like the genesis series showcasing Vitalik Buterin, the 2nd series of Egonauts will also feature 101 one-of-one unique NFTs. However, where the 1st series had a total of 8 trait categories and over 20 traits, the CZ collection has 13 trait categories and over 47 different traits. This leads to potential combinations topping over 5 million distilled down to just 101 hand drawn NFTs. The artistic inspiration of the series will remain true to the Order of the Egonauts mission of creating a historical record of the cryptocurrency space in real time. 


Early previews from the CZ collection show background traits such as an 18-wheel truck and a fast-food joint, a nod to the Canadian trucker protests in February as well as CZ’s early days flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Other traits like the Museum of the Future and him wearing a gutra suggest even more recent events. The series also promises to feature a few traits that some may deem a bit controversial as well as an ultra-rare background cameo of a influential figure sitting on a park bench. 


Unlike many NFT collections that release all their NFTs at once to be minted, the Order of the Egonauts sets their own schedule of releasing a new series of 101 each month that began in February of 2022 and will end in January of 2023. This not only creates some mystery as to which new Egonaut will be featured each month, but also allows the art to be a true reflection of the times and current events in the space of cryptocurrency and blockchain. In addition to the CZ series being released, the project also claims to be making a big announcement from the project in terms of its utility. 


Stay tuned to this unconventional NFT project as it continues to build an organic following of those who appreciate the nuances of art reflecting reality in the space of cryptocurrency. Its founders promise to continue to build a historical illustrative record around the mythology of the influential figures who define it, while providing a utility that is likely to surprise even the most cynical NFT enthusiasts. And for those looking to be guaranteed a series 1 Vitalik, the project states on its Twitter page that any 1st series not minted by March 30, will be mixed with the new CZ series. 


About the Order of the Egonauts

The Order the Egonauts NFT project launches with a mission to create a historical record of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space through hand drawn illustrations of the individuals currently shaping it. The 12-month genesis project began in February 2022 when it launched their first series of 101 one-of-one NFTs paying tribute to its first “Egonaut”, Vitalik Buterin, the inventor and co-founder of Ethereum.  Their Twitter profile currently describes the NFT as a “12-month homage to the heroes and villains of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech”. The project plans to release a new Egonaut each month for 12 months totaling 1,212 NFTs in the collection with 1% of all sales going to the Ethereum Foundation. The original artwork of each Egonaut will feature various traits that toe the line between legitimate historical significance and playful pop culture references. One of the founders describes the collection as appealing to those who can appreciate a subtle allegory just as much as a blatant reference to something more literal like the “miners” and the “stakers” appearing in the roots of the Vitalik series or the pancake chain that CZ wields in series 2. 
As with most artistic endeavors in the NFT space, the utility of a project is tantamount to its legitimacy and perceived value. For the Order of the Egonauts, this is no different. However, where many NFT project roadmaps are currently relying on virtual utilities, the Egonaut team is focusing their energy on IRLs (in real life) events that will focus on producing once-in-a-lifetime experiences to entertain, educate and engage audiences that range from crypto natives to first time NFT buyers.

Twitter: @EgonautsNFT   Discord: https://discord.com/invite/cm6RmP388S 

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