A Few Things to Learn About Shamanism and Healing Benefits

Shamanism is the art of reaching altered states of consciousness and communicating with the spiritual world for therapeutic, spiritual, or healing purposes. It is a practice common to nearly all human cultures in one form or another, past and present. Although not necessarily called shamans by every culture that practices it (alternative names include witch doctors and medicine men/women), many believe that everyone reaches heightened consciousness during Shamanic sessions with proper guidance and practice. The certified practitioners can guide you into ordinary reality and other realms to help you improve your and others’ well-being through your learnings.

If a person’s lifestyle and energy balance get disrupted, the imbalance reflects in their overall life in many ways. For example, if one commits too much time to work and not enough time to themselves or loved ones, their loyalties to their colleagues could prevent them from moving on to something considered more “productive” by the culture at large. Similarly, one who spends 24/7 with friends and family might feel the need to bring some balance back into their life – though it doesn’t always happen that way as frequently as they might think. Essentially, all these imbalances affect the quality of life in one form or the other, manifesting as mental, emotional, or physical pain.

You can get over this and help your community also manage their imbalances through the practice of the medicine wheel, an integral part of shamanism. You can rely on The Jaguar Path healing certification or others for help to start on this path.

What is a medicine wheel?

The Medicine Wheel is a Native American cultural concept that emphasizes wellness and the importance of all things in life. The Medicine Wheel can help in many ways by making you feel a closer connection with self, family, community, and nature.

The benefits of shamanic healing practices

Even though there is a lack of scientific proof, medicine wheel healing has much anecdotal credibility in terms of its effectiveness. One can use the energy to help others recover from emotional trauma or distress. Most people suffer from the negativity that impacts not only their quality of life but also their capacity. With proper guidance, you can improve your beliefs and thoughts. Then, lack of confidence tends to be the barrier in anyone’s growth journey. With this healing, you can build yourself up as you recognize your potential not just at physical but mental, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual planes too.

A person’s decision-making ability tends to increase and feels more connected with their core. Different aspects of their lives can improve, including peace, stress, anxiety, etc. Some believe that this healing process can also help people treat their physical conditions, such as back pain, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, etc. You can also see through things clearly and learn to be more thankful for what you have. And as you know, gratitude serves as the foundation for everything good.

Indigenous healing practices are not a new thing. If you want to walk this path for self-improvement or the betterment of your community as a whole, you might want to train yourself first to understand its intricacies and effectiveness.

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