Do You Wonder When to Get Your House Power Washed?

To prolong the health and wellness of your siding, concrete, and all other exterior surfaces, power washing your house once every year at some point before winter can be the best practice. As your local temperatures begin to drop and the weather becomes more turbulent – rushing to schedule a pressure washing is paramount. Even though it may not appear like a high-priority task when planning your home maintenance setup, power washing is undeniably fundamental in keeping the outside of your house free of contaminants. While flexible siding has become popular over the past few decades – it’s still important to note that it requires just as much cleaning attention as any other material. Certain elements can speed up breakdowns on outdoor surfaces, such as grime and mold.

Do you live in Baltimore? It would be best to contact your local power washing contractor and get this job done. You can contact Baltimore Pressure Wash or other such reliable companies for help in this matter. Anyway, before this, let’s learn about the best time to schedule this job.

What is the best time to power clean your house exteriors?

You don’t have to depend on morning or evening time for power washing. Any time from dawn to dusk is suitable. Only a cloudy day or shadow can be the challenge because of creating poor visibility. However, if you hire a professional power washing company, you don’t need to worry about these factors. They can work under any condition, regardless of the lighting. Still, you wouldn’t want to pursue this when it is dark black or storming outside.

However, if you specifically want to know about the best season for this project, most homeowners vouch for summertime. Summer months are typically the ideal period for pressure washing services. As the weather gets warmer, technicians find more time to work on your outdoor tasks, washing away any outdoor dirt from your home, patio, driveway, and other surfaces. The rising summer temperatures might seem like a bad thing in most cases. On the contrary, the heat and extreme sunlight often dry out these surfaces much quicker, which helps to make things easier when it comes to washing them away with pressure washers.

What are the best temperatures for pressure washing your house outside?

Whether it’s cool outside and raining or hot and sunny, power washing can happen despite the weather. Typically, the weather does not impact power washing results unless temperatures dip below freezing level or a severe storm occurs. In case of terrible weather conditions, technicians sometimes have to re-schedule work for another date because they have to complete their job at your convenient time.

Winter and spring can be hard on your home’s exterior paint. With summer here, it might feel like there are far more sinister things than good to deal with, but remember that it’s also one of the best seasons for sprucing up your home’s various surfaces. If your area faces snowing or just general sludge, you may need to have some of the common areas around your house (perhaps around windows or doors) power washed to help prevent chipping and rusting.

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