How Much Should You Budget for Home Theatre Installation in Brisbane?

Brisbane is consistently cited among the most livable in Australia. For instance, the Urban Developer called it the most liveable capital city as it ticks all the metrics like the economy, low crime rate, health care, amenities, and education. Another thing that the city is known for is its appreciation for culture. With a number of museums and theatres in Brisbane, such as the Brisbane Arts Theatre and Queensland Performing Arts Centre, there is something for everyone who loves to watch plays.

However, the global pandemic has changed the way people are interacting. With physical distancing, staying at home is the safest option. Naturally, those who are used to going out and socialise will have to stay at home.

Fortunately, you can make the best out of the situation by watching movies or stream videos on the large screen and crystal-clear speakers. You can call for professionals who can do home theatre installation in Brisbane under your budget and needs.

How Much Should Your Budget Be?

When thinking about installing a home entertainment system, the primordial concern would be the labour cost. Before going on, it should be remembered that the prices quoted here pertain only to the installation expenses. They do not include the cost of buying the screen, speakers, projectors, external hard drives, and even the seats.

Unless you know your way past the cables and wires, and make sure they are out of sight, you need the help of professionals.

And that means paying a service fee. The good news is that Queensland has the lowest labour rates in Australia.

For instance, according to the ServiceSeeking website, which tracks the rates for specific service industries, the average professional fee in Queensland for home theatre installation is around $70 per hour.

To compare, installing a home theatre system in Sydney will cost $90 per hour. Those who are in South Australia or Australian Capital Territory pay technicians about $75 per hour.

Meanwhile, residents of Perth or Albany and the rest of Western Australia have the misfortune of paying the highest labour rate of $99/hour.

Call In The Professionals

Calling in the professionals allow you to maximise the optimum sound potential of your audio system, replicating the sensation and feel of the movie theatre.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing the task:

  1. The experts have the carpentry and technical skills to transform any room into a mini-movie theatre.
  2. They are well-versed in acoustics and know all the tricks to enhance the sound within the confines of the space.
  3. Make the neighbours happy. With the noise-cancelling skills of the professionals, you can dial the volume to maximum levels without disturbing the neighbours.
  4. Get warranty for service. In this way, you can be assured that if a problem arises, the professionals will resolve the issue for free.
  5. They can also give you recommendations on what items to add to your home entertainment system that is tailor-fit to your space.

Contact a professional team today to handle your home theatre installation in Brisbane and enjoy the shows that you love in the comforts and safety of your house. They will map out bespoke entertainment solutions that fit your budget or style.

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