Let’s debunk the some myths related to cosmetic surgery

Let’s debunk the some myths related to cosmetic surgery

There is a wealth of information available on the internet, however it is often not fact-checked for accuracy. This can unfortunately also apply to articles about cosmetic procedures. Filtering the information can be tricky, but we aim to help you with this below. 

Let’s look at recent statistics. Rhinoplasty is popular amongst both sexes and in 2021 it was the most popular cosmetic procedure among men in the United Kingdom. In the same year, surgeons carried out approximately 15,405 cosmetic procedures in the UK. This reflects the growing popularity of cosmetic procedures over the past decade.

Let’s debunk the Top 5 myths below:

Myth 1: Cosmetic procedures are only for women. 

Cosmetic procedures have grown considerably in popularity amongst men. Almost 10% of cosmetic surgery procedures are performed on males, and the number has been steadily rising over the last couple of years.

With increasing awareness and knowledge of plastic surgery among men, procedures such as gynecomastia, liposuction, and rhinoplasty have become popular.

Myth 2: Cosmetic procedures are not safe for elderly patients

Age is not an obstacle for those seeking cosmetic surgery. But, they should consider all the critical factors before undergoing a surgical procedure. That is why they must consult with a certified expert first. In elderly people, restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of body parts or facial features demands aftercare and adherence to certain precautionary guidelines. The ASAPS statistics highlight the most common age range for plastic surgery between 35 and 50 years. Today, most of the elderly subjects that undergo these treatments receive successful cosmetic procedures.

Myth 3: Cosmetic surgery is for people highly concerned with their appearance.

Cosmetic surgery is meant to improve the overall look or appearance, but it isn’t confined to looks. Many individuals have gone through cosmetic procedures in London. After the surgery, the same people have reported improvement in the quality of their life; it has lifted their confidence. So, apart from considering cosmetic surgery as a medium to enhance appearance, you should consider it a catalyst in improving your quality of life. Many people choose cosmetic procedures to achieve a more sustained appearance correction compared with temporary procedures such as fillers.

Myth 4: Cosmetic surgery is a prolonged and painful process. 

Gone are the days when undergoing a cosmetic procedure meant a long downtime and prolonged healing process. With advancements in technology, medical breakthroughs and the presence of preeminent practitioners, cosmetic procedures have become safer and faster. Several pain control methods, devices and technologies have significantly reduced risks and downtime.

Nowadays, patients can get back to work and normal life quicker than ever before. 

Since there are so many myths surrounding cosmetic procedures, the benefits of this fantastic process can be overshadowed. You might be fascinated by the advancements in the cosmetic industry. As a result, our experts and surgeons are constantly adopting these major changes to offer you the best outcomes.