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Confirm Biosciences offers laboratory services and point of care testing for drug-free communities and healthy and happy homes.

A drug test looks for the appearance of one or more illicit or prescription drugs in someone’s pee, blood, hair, saliva, or sweat. Urine testing is the foremost common sort of drug screening. The substances that get tested include Cocaine, Marijuana, Steroids, Phencyclidine, Opioids, Amphetamines, and Barbiturates. Check out the New York drug testing laws to find a comprehensive list of commonly tested substances.Take note that drug tests have other names: drugs of abuse testing, drug screen or drug screening, substance abuse testing, drug testing, sports doping tests, sports doping tests, toxicology screen, and tox screen.

Organizations perform drug testing before employing someone to check if the individual has been using a certain kind of drug and sometimes they test their employees periodically to see if they have been using drugs before or while working. Sports organizations also carry out random drug tests on their athletes to check for performance enhancing drugs or other types of substances which would disqualify them if they are found using forbidden substances. Drug testing kit takes part in legal actions as well especially during accident investigations in order to see if the accident was caused because one of the parties were under influence of drugs or other substances like alcohol. Another use of the testing applies when a person who is required to take drugs like opioid for constant pain might be required by his health care provider to be tested in order to make sure that the patient is taking the proper dosage of his or her medication.

What happens during a drug screening?

A drug test requires a person to give a urine sample in a lab. There are instructions to follow to provide a clean urine sample. On certain occasions, a medical specialist needs to be present while providing a urine sample.

In a blood test for drugs, the person has to go to a lab to provide his blood sample and that is done by a healthcare  pro who will take a blood test from the vein of a person’s arm, with a little small syringe and a needle. The small collected amount of blood is then put it into a test tube or vial. The test ordinarily takes less than five minutes.

To fulfillthe need of drug testing a person needs to perform all the drug tests and with that, a complete drug test kit is necessary. Fortunately, Confirm Biosciences has all the drug testing kit and all other testing kits. Urine drug test kits, CLIA waived Drug tests, alcohol tests, nicotine tests, steroid tests, and even Coronavirus IgG/IgM Rapid Test Kit!

The kit has theFDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The results are foundwithin 10 minutes. It is only a small sample size with a shelf life of up to 24 months. The use of the test cassette is approved only for the appearance of IgM and IgG antibodies versus SAR-CoV-2.

Whether an organization searching to actualize a drug testing or corporate wellness program or a person hunting for quality and reasonable drug testing kits, Confirm Biosciences has everyone covered. They offer customized screening solutions for testing drugs of abuse and more extensive wellbeing measurements to prepare important, noteworthy data.

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