Penuma Explained: Procedure, Benefits, and What To Expect

Penuma Explained: Procedure, Benefits, and What To Expect

Discontentment with the size of one’s penis is a surprisingly common phenomenon in men. According to a study published on the American Psychological Association’s PsychNet, 45% of the 52,000 people surveyed wanted a bigger penis. While this may seem like a trivial desire, a lack of confidence in penis size can deeply impact men’s relationship with their partners, lower self-esteem, and in some cases, even cause depression.

In 2002, leading urologist Dr. James D. Elist patented Penuma, also known as Himplant, as a solution to this problem. He leveraged years of experience as a urologist and collaborated with other leading urologists and plastic surgeons to develop Penuma. Since then, this penile enlargement implant has helped thousands of men gain confidence, allowing them to lead more fulfilling lives.

“I spend every day of my practice trying to figure out ways to better serve my patients,” Elist told Ideamensch. “For years, I had been searching for a real solution for men who either had a medical issue or who were dissatisfied with the length and/or girth of their penises. I say a real solution because those that had been available to men were extremely unsatisfactory.”

A pioneer in penile prosthesis in Los Angeles, Elist created Penuma, the first silicone implant on the market that has been Food and Drug Administration-cleared. It’s made with soft medical-grade silicone that feels like a natural penis once inserted.

The Procedure

The silicone implant is surgically inserted in the penis during a procedure that lasts only about an hour. A surgeon inserts the silicone slip in the shaft through an incision above the penis. It’s shaped in a way that hugs the spongy tissue that causes the erection so that it feels natural and doesn’t exert any pressure.

Not only is this procedure effective, but it’s also natural-looking and removable. The best part is that once completed, you typically can’t tell that a person has had the procedure because it uses a concealed scar technique.

The postop recovery is straightforward, with many patients carrying on with their routine activities in two to four days after the procedure.

The implant is available in multiple sizes — including L, XL, and XXL — however, which size a patient will be fitted with is decided by the surgeon.

“Nobody wants a small, so we don’t have a small and we don’t have a medium. We start from large,” said Elist.

The entire procedure, from initial consultations to recovery, can span several months. It’s not entirely risk-free, but those risks can be avoided or minimized by closely following the postop recovery instructions.

Benefits of the Penuma Implant

The Penuma implant has been designed with male sexual well-being in mind and is known to improve performance and confidence in the bed. The penile enlargement technique has been peer-reviewed and has consistently come out as the best penile enhancement option available in the market. According to a recent five-year clinical study, it has delivered a very high success rate among those who received it.

The benefits of the implant aren’t limited to physical gains. The most important result of the implant is its positive effect on the mental well-being of those who receive it. Men who are lacking confidence about how they look often develop feelings of inadequacy and consider themselves unattractive, making it difficult for them to find partners. The consequent lack of sexual intimacy often leads to unsettling effects on men’s psyche.

For Elist, the correlation is simple. When you are confident about how you look, you are more relaxed and are more likely to enjoy the sexual experience. Increased confidence also improves communication between partners, which also leads to better relationships and improved quality of life.

“Urology, specifically the treatment of infertility and erectile dysfunction, is special because it allows the physician to help both the patient and the partner improve their intimacy and their capacity to have children,” Elist explained. “Combining urology and surgery has been such a blessing as it has enabled me to have an impact.”

Lack of physical intimacy can impact existing relationships. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons for failing romances. Humans who lack physical intimacy also experience drops in oxytocin, a hormone released through intimate interactions. As a result, couples who lack physical intimacy tend to be more stressed.

Expectations: Recovery and Customer Satisfaction

Patients are required to abstain from sexual activity, including masturbation, for at least six weeks after the surgery. This time is necessary for the implant to settle and the penis to heal.

As with any surgical procedure, some pain and discomfort are expected. However, it can typically be managed through medication. As pain tolerance levels differ for each person, patients are advised to discuss this during the initial consultations. It’s also recommended that postoperative care instructions are properly followed to avoid the risk of complications.

Throughout the recovery process, the clinic that performed the surgery remains in constant contact with the patient to ensure that the recovery is going smoothly.

The benefits of this procedure aren’t limited to the patients that receive them: Their partners have also reported higher satisfaction levels due to the improved size and shape of their partner’s penis.

Penuma’s website is full of testimonials from satisfied customers who have reported higher levels of physical, emotional, mental, and sexual well-being. These improvements in their lives have had a positive effect not just in the bed, but also broadly in their relationships.

“It is an issue that men often avoid talking about, even when it is causing problems in their relationships,” Elist said. “My goal with Penuma was to give men a solution that could boost their confidence in the bedroom and in life.”