META4DEAD – Launches first survive to earn gaming concept on Binance SmartChain


META4DEADToday, the fundamental issue in the current gaming market is that centralized ownership and control of user-generated content limits creator rights and ownership. This is since central control over the trading of virtual goods is created by players which restricts them from generating fair value from their creations. Moreover, it can be also difficult to prove creative ownership of works, particularly considering the content is copied, altered, and built upon. But what if we could solve those limitations, and at the same time, accelerate the blockchain gaming market? That’s what Meta4Dead is all about.

Meta4Dead is the world’s first survive-to-earn on the gaming concept on the Binance Smart Chain, monetizing and decentralizing the entire gaming system ecosystem in their virtual world for their players using its platforms utility token, $ZBUX.

Furthermore, the developers attempt to overcome the issues explained in the latter and accelerate the blockchain gaming market. They will do this by building an ecosystem whereby players can live out their metaverse ambitions by playing, collecting, crafting, and trading, whilst enjoying secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn cryptocurrency. The copyright ownership will be guaranteed via the use of NFT, since every in-game item- including land and natural recourses- will have a unique and immutable blockchain identifier.

In addition to the Meta4Dead a game, they are also releasing a Meta4dead arcade game, which will be linked with blockchain technology to give users the opportunity to earn $ZBUX.

The Meta4dead arcade will host different numbers of P2E minigames. This arcade will be linked with blockchain technology and will allow users to earn $ZBUX.
For instance, currently, they are hosting a signal-player zombie shooter, where users must face endless waves of zombie hordes in either the map called “City” or “Quarantine”

How do we know this isn’t a rug-pull?

As we all know, nobody enjoys rug-pulls hence Meta4dead has ensured that its team is KYC’d and audited by Solid Proof to provide clear information for any potential doubt any investor would have

They have been audited by a world-renown German company named “SolidProof”
The link for their audit is available here:

The Meta4dead team has been KYC approved by PinkSale:
The link is available here:

Future for Meta4dead?

Currently, The Meta4Dead team in a span of 48 hours has raised 610 bnb on their fair launch campaign. Additionally, they have created an in-house game development team and plan to release the alpha version of Meta4dead Service in 6-8 weeks. The team has also attended several different exhibitions regarding cryptocurrency in hopes of creating future partnerships for the growth of the game. The most notable exhibition is “Inaugural Binance Blockchain Week” based in Dubai. This conference was attended by industry leaders, ranging from gaming to Defi experts, co-founders, and CEOs from the following companies: Gala Games, Wax, Tether, Ripple, Binance, Trust Wallet, Sandbox.

Notes from the developers

We are currently focusing all efforts on developing the Meta4Dead Survive game, to be released in the beginning of May 2022!

In the meantime, we are conducting community-focused marketing to empower our Diamond Hands and long-time supporter through community initiatives and contests to foster organic growth.

Aggressive marketing will return towards the end of game development, to create all the HYPE. This will allow Meta4Dead to really boom, as all new investors will see our fully functional gaming ecosystem alongside our strong community.







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