eBit labs Launches ‘thetokensite’ a One Stop Data, Insight and Analysis Platform for The NFT market

eBit labs, a technology company created to support the development of digital assets and decentralized finance, is excited to announce the beta launch of their first project, thetokensite: a data, insight and analysis platform for the NFT market.

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that NFTs are expanding at an incredible pace – 2021 saw the market rise in value to nearly $44.2 billion, that’s close to the $50 billion estimated value of the conventional fine art market in 2020.

However, for those within the existing community, or those simply looking to explore the exciting world of NFT’s, gaining the necessary insights to make well-informed decisions is not as easy as it may seem.

Whereas simple transaction information and market reporting may be readily available, this variable quality data resides in multiple disparate sites and platforms and must be manually stitched together to identify any potential opportunities. In the necessary adoption of this cumbersome approach, vital indicators are buried in numerous tabs and windows, making decision-making extremely troublesome.

It’s a challenge in itself to find genuinely unbiased insights covering individual NFTs, such as rarity or image analysis. It is also immensely difficult to visualise all important historical market trends, as there are so few available indices; the data from which is often also plagued with inconsistencies. Finally, and perhaps, most importantly, there is very little information covering guide prices for NFTs of any type.

The launch of eBit labs first project, thetokensite, directly addresses the difficulties currently faced within the community by providing a one stop NFT toolkit. On- and off-chain events are uniquely combined with proprietary algorithms, to create an ecosystem of must-have data, insights and analysis. Finally, passionate traders and inquisitive entrants alike, are able to make better-informed and less risky decisions, all based on relevant, trusted and timely data.

“As active members of the NFT community, we created thetokensite in response to our own experiences. We found the process of manually compiling and managing poor quality, badly curated data across multiple sources, combined with the absence of reliable guide prices, made decision making time consuming and risky.  We knew there had to be a better way to create this vital information and to display it in a dynamic, user-friendly way.” 

Key features of thetokensite include the ability to:

  • View real-time market data including buys, sells and transfers.
  • Understand the value of NFTs in today’s market with thetokensite’s proprietary guide price.
  • Explore, surface and track new opportunities.
  • Link multiple wallets under one portfolio to monitor overall performance.
  • Track historical wallet value with visualized charts and graphs.
  • Navigate through a design-led, user intuitive platform.
The team at eBit labs are in no doubt about the wider significance their platform and services can play given the incredible growth and adoption of tokenized assets; “We absolutely recognise the critical role tokenization will have in the future; we can already see rapid adoption in art, collectibles, gaming, real estate and institutional finance. At eBit labs we are committed to supporting this rapid expansion by building the services, platforms and tools to enable people and organisations to benefit from this exciting, rapidly-growing ecosystem.”

For more information please contact our press office at press@ebitlabs.com


About eBit labs 

Founded in January 2021, eBit labs is a financial technology and data analysis company committed to advancing the global development of digital assets and decentralized finance. 

We are committed to creating technologies that provide everyone with the ability to understand, analyze and benefit from tokenization and the new infrastructure being developed for tokenized assets.

We recognise that tokenization has the potential to transform lives, yet most of the world is unaware of what exists today and what could be achieved in the future. Our focus is to make this technology accessible to all by radically advancing  financial systems and services around the globe.

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