Why Should You Embed Instagram Reels on Website

Since its release in August 2020, Instagram reels have been a popular feature of Instagram. It introduced Instagram users to the bite-sized video format, which was already very popular on the other apps. Blame it on the decreased attention span of viewers all you want, but no one can deny Instagram Reels is a hit and is here to stay for a long time.

Where Instagram content creators are using it to showcase their talent, brands use it to their own benefit and reach more audiences. Further to make more use of this feature, brands are now actively opting to embed Instagram Reels on website. It has enabled them to enjoy some fantastic benefits that might help them in the long term.

So, if you haven’t yet opted to add Instagram Reels on website, then you are missing out on a lot. It is the right time to hop onto this trend and maximize its use of it. If you are still in doubt about whether this strategy is helpful or not, this article might help you make decisions and clear your doubts. Here, you will find some of the beneficial reasons for adding Instagram reels on website. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Reasons That Might Convince You To Embed Instagram Reels Your Website

Instagram Reels can be a game-changer for your businesses. By merely adding them on the website and establishing an online presence. Some of the handpicked benefits of this strategy that might help convince you to adopt this strategy is:

Adds a visual appeal to the website

By opting to embed Instagram reels on website, you can bid farewell to your dull website that only has some texts or limited images in the visual-based content.

We all know how important it is to have an appealing website as it helps develop a positive impression on the visitors and being in the business. It is vital to have a positive image as it helps businesses in the long run. Also, this strategy helps establish brand recognition and reputation as people are more likely to talk about your website and would also suggest others visit it due to that positive impression.

Makes the website lively

Instagram Reels consists of the video format. Hence, when you add them to the website, it provides life to the website, and makes the website more lively.

People usually prefer visiting a more lively website as it makes it more appealing and enhances the browsing experience of visitors. In addition, a vibrant website also attracts more web traffic and eventually helps you spread some brand awareness.

Boosts visitor engagement of the website

Instagram Reels has the potential to keep the viewers engaged and hooked, as it demands less attention span, viewers are more likely to watch the complete video and demand even more.

Your visitors can view more videos and stay hooked on the website with the scrollable feed. And as they remain engaged with the content on your website, it decreases the site’s bounce rate. A reduced bounce rate is a positive for a website and it might also help in improving the search engine ranking of the website. And it might help in brand recognition and boost brand reputation.

Provides a sneak into your Instagram account

You can even opt to showcase Instagram reels from your Instagram handle. For example, you can display a teaser of your product or create hype for an upcoming event with it. You can even use reels to explain your product in a short, engaging, and entertaining way.

And when you showcase the content from your Instagram handle, you provide a sneak peek into your Instagram presence, and it can be treated as a way to market your product Instagram handle. So once your visitors get to know about your Instagram handle through your reels, they also have the option to follow you on the platform, which eventually helps strengthen your online presence. After all, a substantial social media presence signifies a lot in this era of social media dominance and eventually helps get some brand awareness. Also, people often determine a brand’s reputation based on their Instagram following list, so with a strong following list, you can probably build brand credibility.

Summing It Up…

Instagram Reels has taken the world by storm. In a short period, it has become a talking point and is helping various Instagram users to get more audience. Also, the Instagram algorithm provides great support to it, and helps Instagram handles to reach more people. By opting to embed Instagram Reel on website, you can extract great benefits from the platform and help your business grow. Various tools are available on the internet that help you in this process, try them now and take your business to new heights.

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