Why you should invest in efficient window installation?

Why you should invest in efficient window installation?

Before starting a market consultation in choosing the best solution for efficient windows, it is important to consider the following data. You should consider the number of windows and their dimensions (height and width), the orientation of the windows (a window located on a facade oriented to the north does not have the same requirements as a south-facing window), the type of opening (opening, sliding, casement and tilt-turn window), the type of frame material (aluminum, PVC or wood), etc.

Prepare your market consultation to be more effective

To request a quote, you must send several elements, to ensure that you receive the most realistic quotes possible. Some aspects that must be included in the order are the dimensions of each window (width x height) and respective quantities, type of opening (sliding, opening or casement window, swing-turn window, etc.) if you know its orientation (south, north…), etc. Without these elements, you run the risk of receiving quotes that later do not correspond to your actual needs.

You are free to choose and decide the type of material and method of installation. However, we recommend consulting with a window installation company. They know the ideal window type that suits your budget and home exterior. If you consider hiring the best window installation company, know that Lifetime Exteriors offers window replacement in Vancouver at affordable prices.

Window thermal insulation

A window will be more efficient if the total heat transfer is coefficient. Building location influences this window performance parameter and the orientation of windows on the building facade. If the windows are oriented to the north, they do not benefit from sun exposure, it is essential to minimize thermal losses.

In the case of south-facing windows, they have a strong exposure to the sun, so it is necessary to consider sun protection glasses, complemented with external blinds, shutters or blinds.

Choosing the right glass for each home is crucial to improving the window’s thermal performance. It must know that by improving the thermal performance of the windows, you would be able to maintain the comfort temperature inside the dwellings.

In this way, you will also feel a reduction in the monthly charges with the electricity bill, this because the replacement with efficient windows contributes to the reduction of energy consumption by up to 40%.


Besides being able to offer excellent thermal performance, an efficient window allows for a good performance in terms of acoustic insulation from outside noise. Thus, if the building is located in an area with a lot of noise, you must consider the need for the window to have acoustic attenuation glass.

To give you an idea, replacing old windows with efficient ones can allow acoustic attenuation that can vary between 32 and 45 decibels (dB).

Anti-intrusion security

An efficient window should also allow you to obtain the best rating in terms of anti-intrusion security. For this, a window that has security hardware (security locks) and laminated glass should be chosen.

The proper choice of these three parameters is essential to have the best efficient window solutions that allow you to improve thermal and acoustic comfort and the anti-intrusion security of your home.