Who Can You Sue for a Truck Accident in Atlanta?

If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, you may be wondering who exactly you can sue for damages. It’s a fair question, and there are actually a lot of different stakeholders in the scenario. It is important to understand who those parties are and what constitutes a liability for them before you can make an informed decision about whether or not you should hire an Atlanta truck accident attorney

You can actually sue different individuals when involved in a truck accident, including trucking companies and truck drivers, but you can also sue the owner of the truck if that’s what caused the crash. If the driver is considered to be someone other than you, for instance, a commercial driver’s license holder who is not actually operating the truck at all, it may be difficult to establish fault. In this situation, you may also have a harder time collecting damages from an owner or company if they are insured and have a good insurance policy. After all, even if they did cause the accident, it won’t necessarily lead to a payout. 

While you can’t sue an individual if they were not driving when the crash occurred, this doesn’t mean that they don’t contribute to the accident in some way.

What is the Role of a Lawyer in Truck Accident?

An Atlanta truck accident lawyer can help you determine who is responsible for the accident and what steps you can take to get compensated. The laws surrounding truck accidents are very different from the laws that apply to car accidents and it is important to consult with a lawyer before you make any decisions about proceeding under your own steam. In some cases, even if you do establish fault, they may not be responsible enough to pay out damages. At this point, it may be worth your while to seek an attorney’s advice in order to know whether or not you should proceed further.

A case like this could fall under multiple jurisdictions and the state of Georgia will go through a number of steps before reaching a verdict on your case. At this point, your lawyer will have an opportunity to review any documents the involved parties have and determine whether or not they are valid before making a final decision. If the involved parties are trying to minimize the value of their liability, you may want to consider having an attorney review all relevant documents before you make claims.

If you’re still feeling unsure about who is responsible for the accident, it’s highly recommended that you consult with a lawyer before making any decisions about filing a lawsuit. After all, there’s no need for you to try to fight the trucking system on your own when qualified lawyers are standing ready to assist you in getting paid for any losses that resulted from your injuries.