Why Hair Dye’s About Fruits And Roots

Vegan hair products are gaining followers around the world thanks to advances in technology that are now fully unlocking natural ingredients’ ability as a hair colourant, shampoo, conditioner, and bleach.

Vegan ingredients now offer many ways to enhance your hair without using any ingredients that have been derived from or have been tested on animals.

Changing hair colour while avoiding chemicals has been possible for years thanks to pioneers early on in the vegan hair industry like Crazy Color, the market leader in vegan, cruelty-free hair products.

Crazy Color has been using plant-based colouring for 45 years to get some really cool colours and all in the name of ethical beauty. Looking back, says Crazy Color, some real resilience was needed to tough it out and hope the market would come round to the idea of non-chemical colourants.

Creativity, Not Chemicals

“Starting a business in the late 1970s with ethical concerns at the forefront wasn’t an easy task for Renato Brunas, our founder,” says the vegan hair business, “but he believed he could make it work with a company that was ethically progressive.”

“Indeed, it wasn’t that long before we became known on the London fashion scene for our commitment to beauty without compromising animal safety. Since then, it’s been a matter of improving our products and advancing the argument for vegan and cruelty-free hair products.”

There are loads of colours to choose from when choosing a vegan hair dye, and it doesn’t stop at just dyes. Crazy Color offers vegan and cruelty-free shampoo, conditioner, and bleach.

The success in this complete range of hair care products has really succeeded in hammering home the point that the days of animal cruelty in the hair cosmetic industry are numbered.

Now there is a comprehensive hair care plan for vegans, who are delighted they can forgo the harsh and unethical chemicals found in conventional hair products.

Organisations like PETA are there to give readers more information on exactly what the traditional hair product industry does to animals. Let’s just say it’s diametrically opposed to anything uplifting and positive you’d like to read in this article.

On The Rise

The good news is that, as with most visionaries, Renato Brunas was ultimately found to be ahead of his time. The number of vegans in the United Kingdom increased fourfold in the period between 2014 and 2019, according to a poll conducted for The Vegan Society.

It ought to have come as no surprise that vegan hair products should be so popular, given the steady rise in public concern over animal welfare in the past thirty years.

The results from vegan hair dyes have really taken people by surprise. There was initial cynicism in the UK beauty market over whether vegan hair products could do the same job as their chemical counterparts.

But those doubts were assuaged as technology proved how plant-based dyes could get incredible colours and fantastic, healthy hair just like the old school dye industry.

Environmentally Positive

It isn’t just animals who benefit from vegan hair products but the environment. Using plant-based hair products lessens the demand for animal products which, of course, means fewer animals are killed.

If that weren’t a good enough reason to use plant-based products already, this positive consequence is compounded by the consequential environmental benefits of fewer animals in the slaughterhouse. Vegan shampoo, vegan conditioner, and vegan hair dyes it’s all good news for the environment and animals at the same time.

We’re aware of how much methane cows contribute to the ozone layer and thereby corrupt that most precious promontory on which we depend for habitable life. Vegan products are a great way to help move society further towards a more natural consumption wherefrom the environment can only benefit.

Healthy Hair And Animal Care

Speaking of healthy hair, it can only be good that chemicals needn’t be rubbed into our hair to get the effects we want. We’ve all been complaining for years about how chemical brands contain harsh chemicals that penetrate the hair and gradually damage it.

Vegan hair dye doesn’t work on the inside of the hair but coats the hairs instead. This process is far better for our hair’s health, and we end up with the desired effect without the dreaded damage. These dyes and vegan bleaches are especially good news for those dye fanatics who love to switch up their hair colour frequently.

Those colour obsessed eccentrics are usually the first to have issues that have structural damage to their hair. Now they can attend as many alternative music gigs as possible without their hair involving any Chemical Romance.

Here To Stay

Crazy Color is optimistic for the future, and who can blame them, given the continued rise in veganism in the Western world. Even fast-food giants Mcdonald’s and Burger King, who are hardly popular in the meat-free community, are battling it out to see who can entice vegan customers.

“We believe the plant alternative in life is here to stay and that this is evident in the number of businesses investing in vegan alternatives,” says Crazy Color.

“Renato Brunas lived to see the advent of an increasingly ethically conscious generation. It’s up to that generation to finish the work he began, and we believe in them.”

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