Does It Make Sense To Do a Hair Transplantation Procedure in Turkey?

Many of us take hair for granted, as do many things such as sound health or youth. The day we start losing our lovely hair is something we want to delay as far as possible or totally avoid. We can’t change the aging or genetic processes happening in our bodies, but it does not mean we have to give up. If your hair starts getting thinner or you become bald, you can refer to Bookimed, a Ukrainian medical platform at to get a hair transplant in Turkey. Hair transplant is an effective option that brings back the beauty of your hair and self-esteem. 

What Is a Hair Transplant?

Before you send a request to a clinic, you should have a clear understanding of what a hair transplant is. It is a surgical procedure when a doctor takes your hair follicles from one part of the body and transplants them to the balding one. This procedure aims to make the hair follicles survive in a hairless area and start growing naturally. Usually, patients get their hair transplanted to the head, beard, chest, mustache, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

Bookimed has already received more than 4,300 inquiries from patients from the USA, the UK, Canada, UAE, and many other countries, asking for hair transplant journey arrangements. The demand continues to grow. Note that Bookimed doesn’t charge anything for consultations and appointments for your future trip. The team does its best to make clients satisfied with the provided services.

Hair Transplant Stats in Turkey

Turkey has a worldwide recognized reputation for hair transplantation surgeries. The treatment is effective and pretty affordable. Many men and women consider Turkey the top destination for their hair transplant surgery. Do you know that there are 500+ clinics only in Istanbul?

The Turkish Healthcare Travel Council claims that 60,000+ patients yearly visit Turkey for high-quality hair transplant procedures. The hair transplant industry exceeds $1 billion per year in Turkey. Approximately 150-500 hair transplants get performed in Turkey per week.

The Average Price for Hair Transplantation in Turkey vs. Worldwide

It is one of the most common questions the Bookimed team gets regularly. The company deals with 56 highly-recognized hair transplant centers in Turkey. The price starts at $850 and reaches $4,800. However, the average price should not be more than $2,100. 

Compare the prices in other countries:

  • USA: $7,000-$15,000
  • Mexico: $3,400
  • Thailand: $4,000
  • Ukraine: $3,200
  • South Korea: $6,600
  • Germany: $7,400
  • UK: $12,000
  • USA: $12,000

Bookimed can help you order a “hair transplant” package, which includes the following:

  • detailed consultation with the surgeon;
  • all the required tests;
  • the hair transplantation procedure itself;
  • consultation after the procedure;
  • medication cover;
  • airport transfers;
  • comfortable accommodation;
  • Bookimed Client Support which is available 24/7.

What Does Make Hair Transplantation in Turkey So Popular?

Many people wonder about Turkey’s high popularity when it comes to the top hair transplant destinations worldwide. Continue to read the key reasons briefly described below:

  • A wide variety of internationally-recognized clinics with high standards

You can find the best hospitals/clinics for hair transplantation, which offer the latest medical equipment and supplies to make the procedure effective. All clinics follow strict regulations to minimize the risk.

  • Access to highly-qualified and experienced surgeons

Patients get access to qualified/experienced surgeons who can perform a hair transplant procedure. It is another reason why Turkey is considered a hotspot in this medical niche. They demonstrate a professional and serious approach to work and international standards, which is the guarantee that minimizes chances to get complications.

  • Affordable prices

The price for a hair transplant in Turkey is more affordable compared to such countries as the USA, the UK, or Canada. You will pay a reasonable price to get the same quality as your home country. Turkey is a rare country that provides high-quality and cost-effective options for patients with limited budgets.

How Can Bookimed Help You Organize Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

Check out the main reasons to let Bookimed arrange a hair transplant procedure:

  • Bookimed is a leading medical tourism startup providing services since 2014. 
  • More than 820,000 clients have been successfully assisted during all stages.
  • There are 67 medical coordinators who are available to assist you in finding the most reasonable hair transplant solution according to your particular case and budget.
  • You can submit an online request on the Bookimed site. A medical coordinator will get in contact in a short while, answering all your questions.
  • You get access to available hair transplant deals in reliable clinics. You just need to choose the destination, and all the arrangements will be made by the Bookimed team.
  • Every client gets connected to a personal assistant, who is available 24/7 until you return home after a hair transplant procedure.
  • All the available Bookimed services are 100% free of charge. There is no price difference if you would request a clinic directly.