Practical Maintenance Tips for Your Walk In Bath

Homeowners know that cleanliness is critical to keeping their households in the best possible state. There has to be a regular cleaning schedule if they want to keep the rooms spotless. They’ll go to great lengths to ensure that they have every corner of the house vacuumed, and that there aren’t any cobwebs or dust bunnies that would surprise visitors.

One of the places that a homeowner must focus their cleaning efforts on is the bathroom. It is one of the most used rooms, and there are times people forget that it needs to be properly maintained. Soap scum, dirt and grime will build up if you don’t take good care of it. So, if you have a walk in bath, here are some cleaning tips.

Source your cleaning tools 

You need to ensure that you have all of your cleaning tools handy before beginning the deep cleaning process. You’ll need to wear rubber cleaning gloves, safety glasses, and a face mask to avoid inhaling harmful fumes, especially if you’re using strong chemicals. You’ll also need to prepare your chemicals, or if you prefer to use baking soda, lime or vinegar, they should also be at arms’ length.

Wipe down all surfaces

Use a microfibre cloth or a clean sponge to clean all surfaces. Start with the faucets, showerheads and grab bars and work your way through the

tub. Lift fallen hair and other debris to prevent clogging. You can also use a mild cleaning agent to disinfect such surfaces if you want to.

Deep clean the tub

Fill the tub with hot water up to a level two or three inches higher than the water jets. This will allow you to clean the tub better. Next, mix a cup of bleach and dishwashing soap and pour it into the water. Run the jets for 15 minutes. This process will let the bleach and dishwashing liquid infiltrate the pipes and remove the dirt and grime buildup. Don’t worry if you start to see blackened particles coming out of the jets. This is normal as the mixture does its work. After the process completes, drain the water. Repeat the sponge lifting if any stubborn dirt remains in the tub.

Run the cycle again 

Refill the tub, this time with cold or warm water. Rerun the process for 15 minutes. If there is still more residue that comes out, don’t worry. It only means your cleaning process is working double-time. Drain the water after the cycle and repeat as necessary or until you’re completely satisfied that the tub is clean. You can use the shower wand to rinse stubborn dirt.

Final touches 

After you’re satisfied with the cleaning, you have to wipe all the surfaces with a microfibre cloth or another clean sponge. Don’t leave the tub moist as it will invite mould growth.


Cleaning your baths can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, but it is a necessary chore to keep the system sanitary. You have to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to take care of your units completely.