What to Do With Your Old Clothes

Everyone goes through a point where they’re wondering what to do with old clothes. In many cases, it’s relatively easy to decide what to do.

Quite a few people struggle with this, as they wouldn’t want to simply throw their clothes out, however. What should you do in this situation?

If you’re unsure about the answer to this, you’re not alone.

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Donating your old clothes can be an effective way of getting rid of them. Not only will you free up space in your wardrobe, you’ll positively impact people in need.

Second-hand stores are typically run by charities and can be a great place to donate your old clothes.

You could be wondering what to do with old clothes that cannot be donated in the U.K. You have plenty of other options available to you, so read on to find out more.


Everyone’s heard about recycling paper and plastic. You could be surprised to hear that you can recycle textiles, too. While it isn’t as common as its counterparts, it’s a great option.

There are quite a few ways to do this, with many private companies and agencies offering this as a service. Some clothing brands even encourage customers to send in their old clothes.

That could even result in you getting discounts on future purchases. While you’ll have to follow specific steps, it’s an effective choice.

Clothing Swap

If you’ve never been to a clothing swap before, you’d be surprised by how enjoyable they can be. They’re a social way to get rid of your old clothes while getting some new ones.

You’ll need to be careful with what you bring to these, however. You should make sure that the clothes you bring are of good quality. You should also make sure they’re clean. They’ll need to be things that people want to wear.

Though that means putting some time into it, it’s worth it. You’ll also get a few new articles of clothing out of this.


When clothing gets damaged, you could be tempted to throw it out. That’s also true if it no longer fits. You could repair or repurpose it, however.

With a little help from online tutorials, you can get this done quite easily. Though it’ll involve a little bit of effort, it can be simpler than you’d expect.

The likes of jeans can be turned into shorts with minimal effort. You could find multiple other uses for this, as long as you can get a little creative.


Selling your old clothes may not seem like a possibility, but it comes well-recommended. While the clothes will need to be in good condition, you’ll have multiple ways to sell these.

Going online with this is recommended. There are multiple platforms to choose from. Even social media can be an effective way to sell your old clothes.

While you’ll need to figure out a price, that can be relatively easy. The only difficult part of this would be to post the clothes.

By keeping it local, however, you can avoid much of this. Should you have a lot of old clothes to sell, you can make a decent bit of money out of it.

In turn, that can help you pay for new clothes.


When you’re trying to figure out what to do with old clothes that cannot be donated in the U.K., there are often reasons you can’t donate them. Some of the more notable is because they’re torn or damaged in some way.

You may be tempted to throw these out. You shouldn’t. Instead, you can upcycle them. You could use the fabric from the clothing to make something else. The number of things you can create with this could be surprising.

By taking the time to figure out what you can do with it, you’ll get a positive out of it. While you’ll have to put some effort into upcycling, it’s worth it.

Figuring out what to do with old clothes that cannot be donated in the U.K. doesn’t need to be difficult. Each of the above options come highly recommended for multiple reasons.

You shouldn’t struggle with finding out what to do with old clothes, so why not use one of the above?

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