Best Mother’s Day Gifts For A Music Lover

Best Mother’s Day Gifts For A Music Lover

If you grew up listening to your mother talking about how she went to Woodstock, or you have fond memories of her singing as she did chores around the house, you likely have a music-loving mama on your hands. While it’s convenient and takes little thought to give your mother a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day, this year you could decide to show her how much you love her for who she is. You may not know her favorite band of all time or every record in her collection, but you can still get a gift that will warm her heart and get her dancing to the rhythm of her favorite songs. Let’s take a look at the best Mother’s Day Gifts for the music lover in your life. 

Concert Tickets 

Even if you’re no longer living in your hometown, a quick internet search can reveal the upcoming concerts in the town your mother lives in. Giving her the gift of concert tickets in a genre of music she loves is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Maybe you haven’t seen your mom in a while; why not look up her favorite artist and book a ticket on their next tour for a city you’d both love to visit. Of course, you should buy her airline ticket to meet you for your short trip together, but she’ll have the time of her life belting out lyrics to Adele with you, and it’s a memory you’ll share for the rest of your lives. Concert tickets make an excellent gift for anyone, but mom will undoubtedly be surprised and exhilarated to see them inside her Mother’s Day card this year.

A Media System 

Nothing beats the sound of music playing on a record player and depending on your mother’s age, and this is likely how she grew up listening to music. Consider giving mom a new media system this Mother’s Day, complete with a record player. While she’ll be able to utilize her old record collection on the turntable, she can also use the CDs and cassette tapes she hasn’t been able to part with all these years if you outfit her with a completely new system. You can also show her some tips on incorporating modern technology with the system like Bluetooth so she can listen to her media on a portable speaker on AirPods too. 

Whole House Sound System 

Maybe your mom already has a preferred system for listening to her tunes, and she also doesn’t need a new media system. But perhaps what she’s missing is a whole-house speaker system. Whether you go with Sonos or another brand, giving your mom the gift of sound in every room is something that will tickle her pink. She may not even be familiar with this type of technology or know it exists. Most whole-house speaker systems also allow you to play different kinds of music in each room, so she can set the tone for cooking in the kitchen and another one for relaxing in the living room. While this is an extravagant gift, to be sure, it’s one she’ll get a lot of use from and worth the investment. 

Band Merchandise 

If you’ve been reading this list and thinking you can’t afford what’s been mentioned above, your mom will be just as happy with some merchandise from her favorite band, a much more budget-friendly gift option. If you know, she loves The Grateful Dead, and you can search online for new or vintage merchandise and find something you know she’d love. If her favorite musician is still touring and performing, they likely have a website with current inventory for sale from which you can choose. Let mom rep her favorite group by giving her a new t-shirt with her favorite artist on the front. 

Shopping for gifts can be daunting no matter what the occasion or who you’re shopping for. Our mothers who gave their lives to raise us and love us like only a mother can make finding the perfect gift that much more intimidating. Let the above-mentioned items be your guide if your mom’s a true music lover. Happy Mother’s Day!