Christmas Is Coming: Check Out These Travel Gift Ideas for Men

Is one of the main men in your life a lover of travel? Well, Christmas is just around the corner, so there’s only one thing for it – get him a travel-related gift to take away with him on his next trip. This will show you’ve put thought and consideration into his gift, as you’re getting something that he will genuinely be able to use and enjoy. You can’t go wrong! Read on for some of our top recommended travel gifts for men in 2022.

A Top Quality Pair of Sunglasses

We’re now more aware than ever of the negative impacts of overexposure to harmful UV rays. This is not only damaging to our skin, but also our eyes. So, this means that every traveller needs a high quality pair of protective mens sunglasses in their arsenal to ensure their eyes are kept safe in the sunshine. Ray Bans are always a great option as they’re iconic, stylish, and look good on almost everybody. Have a browse on the official website via the link.

A Swiss Army Knife

If your loved one is a bit of an adventurer, and likes to hike or camp in the wild, then a Swiss army knife could be the perfect gift for them. They’re multipurpose, so they’re not simply for cutting. They often have toothpicks, tweezers and nail files, depending on which you go for. Some versions can include screwdrivers, can openers, saw blades, or even scissors. Extremely handy to have when out in the wilderness when they don’t know what will happen or what they’ll come across!

A Waterproof Portable Speaker

If they are not only a travel lover, but also a music fan, then how about getting them a waterproof portable speaker they can take along with them on their trips? This means that wherever they are in the world they’ll be able to blast tunes out without worrying it’ll be ruined by the weather or environment! This could also be great if they love to listen to podcasts or the radio. On the other hand, if they are more of a private listener, a pair of headphones or airpods never go amiss. 

Reading Material

If they’re currently homebound, then why not get them a travel book that can act as inspiration for their next trip? Whether it’s a tips and tricks guide or a fictional story about a character travelling far and wide, this is sure to hit the nail on the head for any of the bookworms you know. Then, once they decide where they want to go next, they can take this reading material along with them for entertainment. It’s something they can treasure for years to come. 

By thinking about the gift receivers’ hobbies and interests, you’re sure to get them a gift that they’ll love. If they have a big trip on the horizon, or if they’re simply just thinking about their next getaway, any help you can give them (in the form of a Christmas gift) would be greatly appreciated.