27 Hilarious Gag Gifts That Will Make Them ROFL

The perfect gift can often depend on the personality of your recipient. We have compiled a list that will suit every funny bone, from those who love practical jokes to others looking for something more subtle and light-hearted! One thing is certain: nobody wants an expensive present but would rather receive some hilarious funny gifts than just any old item like socks or underwear (even though these are great too!). Check out our selection today if you’re searching.

1. Custom Face Boxer

Just in time for the summer, personalized boxer briefs are here! You can make your best friend feel extra special with these limited edition underwear. It’s always fun designing new bits of clothing and giving them as gifts so why not get creative while giving someone an unforgettable present? See more design boxers with my face.

2. Keep Calm and Smoosh on Bulldog on a Trike Shirt

Dogs are great for all sorts of reasons, but there’s nothing like getting a doggified t-shirt to show your pup love. This fitted shirt features an English bulldog on top his tricycle with ‘Keep Calm & Smoosh On’ written across it in letters that will make anyone smile!

3. Dinosaur Taco Holders

These taco holders are perfect for messy eaters! available in two different shapes and sizes, this will keep any food you’re serving fresh.

4. Finger Weightlifting Kit

These days, the most important part of any body is its fingers. If you want them to get bulky and strong like a manlier boy band member then it’s time for some serious workout! With this finger weightlifting kit from Funny Looking Fingers HQ1110 there are no excuses not too because with everything included in one package including barbells rubber weights plates kettle bells resistance band – their hands will have all they need mini sweatband AND MORE!!!

5. Cricket Hidden Annoying Chirping Gag

The Frickin’ Cricket will keep them guessing for days. Emitting a loud cricket chirp at irregular intervals, this discreet sound machine can be attached to most surfaces with its self-adhesive back so you don’t have an easy time finding where it’s hidden!

6. Slang Flashcards

English is a language that changes constantly, which can be hard for parents and teens who might not keep up with the latest slang. These flashcards will help teach your child new words while making them look like an expert in front of their peers!

7. Weener Kleener Soap

If your boyfriend loves taking long showers, then he will love the Weener Kleener. Made from real soap so it’s practical (if a little pervy) and shaped like an donut – this unique shower gel is perfect for embarrassing him in front of his parents! You may find that he spends even more time bathing when using one these bad boys aroundtown.

8. Hands Free Umbrella

Who doesn’t want to get out there and enjoy the weather? But, what if you’re too lazy or don’t have enough hands available for your umbrella. Well now this problem is solved with a hilarious new invention! The Hands Free Umbrella attaches right onto someone’s back so they are always covered while moving around town in all kinds of different conditions – including rainstorms!!

9. Booty Planters

These butts are the best! You’ll be able to show off your curve in style with these cheeky handmade planters. Available from small up ‘do I have a big butt’? XL, there’s something for everyone – even if you’re not that shape or size.

10. Giant Bread Pillow

The ultimate comfort food is now available in your favorite shapes and sizes. Soft, plush fabric makes this bread loaf pillow comfortable to lay on any part of the body while its silky smooth lining provides extra luxury against skin for an unbeatable experience! The three options allow you lumbar support when needed or just something fun between friends during dinner time- who doesn’t love being tickled by their own fork?

11. Fowl Language Mug

This mug is the perfect gift for any bird enthusiast, or aspiring humorist. Printed with nine species of rude sounding birds and made from porcelain this fun drinking vessel holds up to 12 fluid ounces!

12. Hooter Heaters

The Hooter Heater is a red Christmas hat with fluffy white pompoms on top to keep you warm in the colder weather. It’s nothing like grandma’s knit sweaters, but it will certainly put someone smile up!.

13. DJ Cat Scratching Pad

How would you like to build your own cat DJ? This fun and interactive 3D scratchpad lets them (and only the feline) control music with just one button. The flat-pack design makes it easy for even little hands, so give this as an excellent gift idea!

14. Last Place Trophies

The Loser Skunk Trophy is the perfect award for anyone who deserves to be called out in front of their peers. This resin figure stands 5-and half inches high, holding up a plaque that says ‘U Stink’ while also providing you with an opportunity on personalized engraving rights!

15. Worlds Largest Coffee Mug

The friend who drinks coffee exclusively and lives on a steady diet of caffeine may be pleased with this giant ceramic mug. Measuring 11 inches wide by 9 tall, it can also serve as both an interesting planter for your houseplant or just cool decoration in any room!

16. A Hole Paperweight

If you know someone who’s kind of a potty mouth, this paperweight will make their day. It is made from reclaimed steel and has an ‘a’ shaped hole in the middle which can be used as either motivation or decoration!

17. Animal Pet Waste Bags

The world’s first eco-friendly bag for picking up poop is here! Designed to resemble a variety of marine life, including sharks and other sea creatures – these bags fit on your hand like an puppet so you literally “eat” the waste as it falls into its mouth.

18. Star Wars Jedi Hooded Unisex Bath Robe

He’ll feel like a true Lightsciald with this cozy and comfy bathrobe. 47 inches long, it will transform him into one of Star Wars’ Jedi Knights. Made from 100% cotton velour fabric that feels great against your skin while also being durable enough to last through even rough playtime! He can take on any adventure in style thanks not only for its officially licenced design but because there are no less than six different colors available so you know what fits best depending upon how fancy dress parties go these days.

19. Cats Wearing Hats Mug

Cats may not be that easy to dress up, but with these clever mugs you can give them the looks of their dreams! Made from ceramic and holding 15 fl oz., each mug comes in three adorable styles: oink-woof cockadoodle doodle.

20. Dog Hoodie

Hoodies for dogs: the perfect gift to show how much you care. Available in 10 different colors, this cozy hooded sweatshirt will keep Fido warm during those chilly winter months when he spends all his time outside playing with other canines!

21. Your Face on a Potato

This custom-made, one of a kind potato would make the perfect gift for your favorite gardener. With their face printed into an actual Idaho spud and once it starts sprouting they can plant themselves to ensure plenty coming up through next year!

22. Pizza Pocket Hoodie

Whether they’re craving a deep-dish pizza or just want to eat all the crusty goodness, this sweatshirt will make for an awesome gift. Made from 100% cotton and polyester mix fabric in black/white color options with an insulated front pocket where you can fit your phone inside so that when it’s time share some laughs over memes together.

23. Alligator Lawn Statue

This highly detailed hand painted concrete alligator statue will make any visitor think that they have walked onto someone’s private property. Measuring almost 3 feet long, this gator comes in three pieces so it can be easily assembled on site and looks like the creature is partially submerged within a swampy ecosystem!

24. Shakespearean Insults Chart

Give the gift that keeps on giving! This awesome poster contains some of willians most effective put-downs. From ‘food & drink’ to body parts and functions, or personal attributes — there’s something for everyone here in this hilarious Shakesperan Insults Chart .

25. Harry Potter Wingardium Leviosa Kit

The large white feather in this kit will hover and fly with a flick of the wand, just like one would expect from its enchanting namesake. With an invisible string connecting them together so that they can never really be apart – even when you’re not using your wand for protection against those who want to do harm–this beautiful piece is sure become part-of every Potterhead’s arsenal!

26. Confetti High Fives

Celebrate like there’s no tomorrow with this awesome confetti shooter! Filled to the brim and ready for action, it will shoot colorful pellets into your celebration every time you make contact. Comes pre-filled in six colors so that all of those high fives can keep on giving long after New Year’s Eve has passed us by—just don’t forget about them before then or they might get bored waiting around without any good stories from earlier festivities being told again (we know how well these things work!).

27. Gnome-Be-Gones With Gnome

Chill out with the perfect gift for your favorite horror movie aficionado. This garden gnome is made from steel and features two terrifying critters carrying an earthbound man into darkness, but he can take solace in knowing that it’s not just him going over there; even though this may seem like a fairly basic creature design—a scary face on top with some spooky claws grabbing at them as they drag their unwilling travelmate towards whatever awaits beyond human understanding–the details really make these creatures stand apart!