Data Science Jobs: 8 Skills To Succeed

Data science is one of the newest tech fields in the world today. There were no data scientists a few decades ago. But this is one of the careers attracting so many young people. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in data science will grow by 15% by 2029.

Becoming a data science professional is, however, not easy. You need the training to develop skills that will help you succeed in this field. Knowing the skills you should learn before becoming a data scientist is essential. This article will discuss them and help you get started and grow.

Let’s get into it.

1.   Data Visualization

You cannot build a successful career in data science without visualization knowledge. Data is an essential tool for business decision-making. It’s vital to visualize and communicate it efficiently. It will help you have a good background view of your businesses and make the right decisions.

Thus, it would help if you learned visualization before starting as a data scientist. You will learn how to make the most of the data you gather. This is because data is only good if it profits a business. It cannot benefit you if you do not take your time to draw helpful insights from it.

2.   Critical Thinking

Another skill that you must develop is critical thinking. Data scientists do a lot of analysis that must be accurate to get good results. For instance, they need to analyze different problems in a firm. Then, explore various solutions to find the most ideal.

Every problem we face has different angles. It would help if you viewed it from all angles to find the best way to solve it. Critical thinking matters because, without it, seeing a problem from all angles won’t be easy. This skill can also help you in your daily life, not just as a professional.

3.   Code Writing

This is one of the technical skills you must develop as a data scientist. It can be tricky to find data science jobs if you do not know how to write code. It’s not even about writing but ensuring the code is efficient and maintainable. The code you write determines the programs you create.


Well-written code results in high-quality programs. Start by mastering a simple language like Python. It is one of the best, easiest to learn, and highly-applicable languages. It will be easier to create systems that will help you analyze and process data with it.

4.   Social Media Mining

Data scientists need to be able to gather data from various sources. It is easier to understand and visualize data you’ve collected by yourself. You can get data from multiple sources, including social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.,


It would be best if you learned how to mine this data to be able to access it. Researching data mining tools and learning to use them effectively can help. Social media mining can help you understand your audience. You can know their needs and preferences and then use them for personalization. It’s easier to use it for your organization’s advantage this way.

5.   Teamwork

This is a non-technical skill but very important for a data scientist. You cannot excel in this field if you do not relate well with people. It is vital to be in sync with the rest of the team at work. This is how you help set goals and contribute to helping the team achieve them.


You need to avoid not being able to control your attitude towards work. A toxic attitude can affect your ability to succeed at work. Also, it can affect the entire team’s productivity. In short, your emotions shouldn’t affect how you work. You should interact with your team well every day.

6.   High-Level Math

Math and statistics are essential in the data science field. As said before, there’s a lot of analysis to do as a data scientist. You will work with numbers most of the time. Also, you will need to establish patterns and relationships between different data sets.


Thus, learning high-level math and being able to apply it is essential. It will help you find solutions to any problems that you might face. It will also help you work effectively with different test models. In the end, you will be able to get the best solution for a problem.

7.   ML and AI Knowledge

Machine learning (ML) is crucial in the data science field. Training and deploying models can be daunting if you do not know how to do it. Or, you might not get the desired results from your artificial intelligence (AI) efforts if you don’t learn machine learning. That’s why you should consider learning ML.


A good background will help you know when to apply ML and AI. It will also help make training and deploying models more effective. You will also learn how to explain models and predictions. All this will help you leverage ML and AI to get the desired results for your business.

8.   Open-Mindedness

Creativity is essential for a data science professional. You cannot be creative unless you are an open-minded person. This means being aware of what is trending in the industry and adjusting if needed. You should identify trends in data and communicate to managers in good time.


You also should be able to communicate well and be convincing. Executives might not be able to understand technical data and use it for decision-making. It’s your work to make it as simple as possible. That’s why you should learn to be open-minded and creative as a data scientist.


As said before, there are plenty of data science jobs out there. All you need to do is to get ready for them. But you need skills to become a professional data scientist. This article has looked into some of these skills. Learning them will help you succeed in this highly competitive field.


Now you know how to prepare for a rewarding career in data science. What’s left is finding where you can learn these skills. That won’t be a big challenge because of the increasing popularity of online learning. You can take online courses and get hired on online job platforms.


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