The Future Collective launches new social impact clothing brand ‘Re_Threads’

The Future Collective has launched Re_Threads, a new sustainable clothing brand that is on a mission to turn profit into purpose by creating workwear that in turn, creates opportunities for others.

Sustainable, ethical and social cause

Driven by a strong commitment to social impact, the Re_Threads founders identified a gap for a brand that is synonymous with utility, style and sustainability. They had a vision to do business differently, and established a set of clear goals. Not only to improve the issues of waste and lack of sustainability within the industry, but also to bring skills and employment opportunities to those who need it most. 

Re_Threads is partnered with Rise Futures, a registered charity that works with young care leavers looking to gain meaningful experience and skills to better equip them with resilience and independence. Rise Futures offers personalised programmes and mentoring that open up opportunities and guide young people towards a productive and fulfilling future.

With sustainability at the heart of Re_Threads, they are aiming to be fully circular, with zero waste and net zero targets, moving to carbon negative in the near future. They have a lifetime repair model, which means every garment continues to work hard and wear well. 

Collaboration with The Future Collective

The Future Collective’s relationship with Re_Threads was established at the very beginning of their start-up journey at the ideation and formation stage of their business. 

With a natural synergy between the two companies a close and trusted partnership developed. Inspired by Re_Threads’ local ‘Makers & Crafters’ approach, The Future Collective assembled an art director, web designer, photographer, Webby award winning filmmaker and a garment production expert working alongside the core team of strategy, graphic design and project management team. Together they worked collaboratively to ideate, create and develop every aspect of the brand; from name generation and brand proposition, to the identity, guidelines and communications, as well as the sourcing and go-to-market strategy – all in preparation for the launch of Re_Threads debut collection.

With a visual style akin to a journal or scrapbook, The Future Collective created a website and brand film designed to focus on revealing personal stories of regeneration, circularity, collaboration and giving back to the local community. 

Re_Threads has been a fantastic project as the spirit of collaboration and energy to deliver the brand has been evident throughout the whole lifecycle. At every stage we have been able to support the work with talent that was perfect for the brief. Opportunities like this are rare and it has been a real privilege to be involved.

Matt Parry, Co-founder and CEO the Future Collective

The Future Collective has been a shining light as we seek to find our path. Honest, transparent and willing to challenge the status quo. The whole team has poured their hearts and souls into our brand and we couldn’t be more proud to have their personalities threaded through our brand.”

Matt Roche, Co-founder of Re_Threads

“From the outset, The Future Collective has been nothing short of outstanding. The clarity, delivery and presentation has been seamless. Offering invaluable insight and direction into aspects of our project that we would not have otherwise considered. An absolute asset to any business, and generally one of the most wonderful collective of humans I have had the pleasure to work with.”

Liz McGreevy, Co-founder of Re_Threads

About The Future Collective
We are a strategic design consultancy specialising in brand communications and experiences and trend forecasting. We collaborate with companies of every size and scale, from the smallest startups to the largest global brands. All are united in their desire to do things differently; to disrupt, challenge, invent and leave legacy. Our current clients include Audi, Capita, Howdens, Interface, Re-Threads, HydraFacial and Skin Sapiens.

About Re_Threads

We believe that given the chance, everyone is capable of being extraordinary. So we are on a mission to turn profit into purpose by creating a workwear brand that in turn, creates opportunity for others. Why workwear? We saw a gap for a brand that is synonymous with utility, style and sustainability. We know that workwear needs to work hard, so ours is made to be versatile, durable and comfortable. However, it should also be inclusive, so we make workwear that everyone can wear. It should be worn with pride, so ours has a distinct design signature. And, because it can’t be a burden on the planet, ours follows circular principles. We do this to create clothes that people love to wear but also so that Re_threads can provide the resource to transform lives. Our commitment is to help young people who have been left behind, to teach skills, restore self belief and be a guide to help them to realise their potential. So every Re_threads garment is not only fit for purpose, stitched into each and every piece, is the spirit of hope and opportunity.

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