WonUp Today, and SimpliTaught Team up to Support Academics, Instructors and Educators in Joint Technology Partnership

WonUp – a new and disruptive student engagement platform that includes the latest technology for storing student transcripts in a digital wallet using blockchain, teams up with SimpliTaught for a new product collaboration. SimpliTaught, an education technology platform, produces and curates content for students and instructors using AI based insights. The partnership not only allows WonUp and SimpliTaught to intertwine and expand their capabilities, it fills an immediate need for Higher Learning institutions that are looking for end-to-end mobile platform solutions. 

WonUp CEO Jason London explains, “This partnership is tremendous. While WonUp focuses on bridging the gap between institutions and students, SimpliTaught bridges the gap between different teaching and learning styles. SimpliTaught’s technology combined with WonUp’s native and customized workflows expands the scope of our ability to re-shape outcomes in Higher Learning.”

SimpliTaught CEO Ali Rizvi shared, “The education space is going through an overdue evolution and the bi-product will be an experience powered by the latest technologies. We are excited to partner with WonUp and empower both Students and Educators.  SimpliTaught maps teaching styles and supplemental learning materials to the learning behaviors of students through AI, ML, Computer Vision and NLP.  WonUp allows administrations to create work flows and actions, and provides accountability through gamification and blockchain.  Our visions align around enriching the academic journey of students and educators making this a natural marriage”.

The SimpliTaught and WonUp platform will include many new market features. One of the most exciting and disruptive is the digital blockchain wallet. Now students and institutions can access transcripts in the cloud – portable, secure, verifiable, and no longer the school’s responsibility to produce, and send to graduates.  

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