The Best Strategy to Buy a House in 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more people have started spending time indoors for work and recreation, prompting them to reconsider their lifestyles and housing preferences. As a result, record number of homeowners opted to sell and relocate in the past year. Are you looking to buy a home in 2022 but don’t know where to begin? Right now, property sales have increased and prices have risen as a result of the stamp tax break and the search for more room.

Here are some of the best recommendations from Orpington estate agents for anyone wanting to buy a house in 2022.

Organise your finances:

The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to get accepted for a mortgage as well as a more attractive interest rate. It’s a good idea to secure a mortgage-in-principle before making an offer on a house. This is a statement from your lender stating the sum of money they are ready to loan you to purchase a home. It informs owners that you really are a prospective buyer with the funds to purchase their home which speeds up the process.

A new mortgage is frequently required when purchasing a new property. You may be able to ‘port’ your present mortgage to your new home, but you will need to reapply for it. If the house is more pricey than your present house, you may have to borrow additional money. Any mortgage arrangement you get will take this into account.

Selecting your new house:

Buyers sometimes have preconceived notions about what kind of residence they want and where they wish to reside. You can ‘walk through’ properties using interactive virtual tours before scheduling appointments to see them in person, allowing you to establish a shortlist and eliminate those that aren’t right for you. This means you’ll only spend time in person looking at houses you’re serious about purchasing.

Another important consideration is why you wish to relocate. You may desire more room, a nicer location, good local schools, or something else; but, whatever your objectives are, you should keep them in mind when house looking to avoid becoming sidetracked.

Consider what you’ll be leaving behind. Do you take anything for granted now (like good public transportation) that your future place may not have? If you’re moving to a new place, do your homework and spend some time there before committing.

Selling a house:

Although it is feasible to sell your house online, most individuals choose to utilise an estate agency. You will have to hire a solicitor to conduct the conveyancing, the same as you did when buying. This is usually the same person that handles your purchase, although it isn’t always the case.

When buying a new house, not everybody sells their old one. Some people can afford to rent out their previous house and use the cash to cover their mortgage loan (this is called let-to-buy), and others can afford to own two or more properties at the same time. However, in each of these circumstances, the stamp duty for the sale will be greater.

Being a link in a chain: 

House purchases are frequently made in a ‘chain.’ Your buyer may be attempting to sell their house as well, or your seller may be looking to purchase as well, or (very frequently) both. The more customers and sellers in a chain, the more difficult it is to reach a good conclusion because if one buyer or seller withdraws, the entire chain might collapse.

As a result, looking for properties with fewer chains, or maybe no chains at all is an excellent idea. That’s the biggest benefit of selling your property first: you’ll be at the back of the line when it comes to both selling and buying your future home. This might assist you in obtaining higher costs for yourself.


When your proposal is approved, the conveyancing – or buying and selling – the procedure may begin. Ensure you have a highly trusted solicitor on hand; hiring someone who understands the region and the intricacies of the regional market can assist to limit the number of inquiries and accelerate the process in general.

Your solicitor will assist in managing the sequence of events to ensure that everything occurs as fast as possible (but don’t be afraid to pursue them). On the big day, they’ll discuss relocation dates, exchange contracts, and transfer all appropriate funds.

With this, buying a new home is not just easy, but a good way to find yourself the best possible deal.

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