Maintaining a tidy house may be a full-time job in and of itself, particularly if you have children, pets, houseplants, or other people staying with you. A robotic vacuum will not solve all of your cleaning problems, but it will help keep part of the filth at bay.

yeedi has entered the market with a unique take on a popular type of robotic vacuum — the set-and-forget type. It has a high-end robotic vacuum that self-empties into a dust container after each session. The yeedi vac 2 pro is an all-in-one robotic vacuum that brushes, mops, and quickly empties its own trash. Here is all you should know about this sophisticated robotic vacuum that can make your life easier.



The unique oscillating mopping mechanism and 3000Pa powerful suction power vacuums and mops at the same time to scrape off dried-on stains from wood/tile/laminate flooring and sweep up dirt from both carpeting and hard flooring.


Before cleaning, there is no need to pick up since the 3D obstacle avoidance technology detects and avoids everyday things like shoes, pet dishes, and children’s toys. It can also identify the area between and beneath the furniture. If the space is lower/narrower than yeedi’s body, yeedi vac 2 pro will avoid entering it if it gets trapped.


yeedi vac 2 pro analyses your rooms to reconstruct your house layout and calculates an effective cleaning path to cover the entire floor without skipping any places.


Compatible with the yeedi self-emptying station for automatic dustbin emptying. yeedi traps 30 days of filth in place with a 2.5L dust bag in a sealing design, allowing you to forget about vacuuming and focus on what matters most, enjoying a simpler life.



The yeedi vac 2 pro comes with a white top and a black bottom. A semi-transparent dust hopper and water reservoir may be seen on the sides. In the middle of the roof, you’ll find a tiny camera in black housing towards the centre. This is the vision sensor that is required for mapping.

The bottom of the vacuum is another attractive characteristic. Most robot vacuums, though, feature two wide, horizontal brushes on the front sides, but on the vac 2 pro, there’s only a brush on the right-hand side, and it appears to work just well. Two retractable wheels and the main wheel are located at the bottom of the robot.

There’s a motorised floor brush for sucking up dirt and a three-pronged side brush for removing hard-to-reach dust or crumbs from tight spots. In addition to the single side brush, there is a mop surface at the back, below the water tank. The mopping pads are simple to connect, detach, and clean as necessary.

The separately sold Self-empty Station is without question the most striking feature of the vac 2 pro. For recharging, most robot vacuums feature a compact, low-profile base station. The vac 2 pro, on the other hand, has a big, canister-shaped base that stands about a foot tall. The robot charges and self-empties at the station. Within the station, you attach a bag, and then when the machine goes to charge, it unloads its smaller 450ml capacity waste bin into the bigger 2.5L dust bag offered in the station and can last up to 30 days.


You’ll need the yeedi app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android, to use the yeedi vac 2 pro. This robot vacuum is simple to set up. When you’ve finished assembling all of your components, just connect it to Wi-Fi and attach it to your account. During the first few usages, the robot will map out your floor layout to function as effectively as possible.

You may instruct the robot to vacuum all regions on the map, particular rooms in your home, or unique places that can be detected on the map. You may also programme the vacuum to vacuum regularly or set it to continual cleaning, which means it will begin cleaning as soon as it is completely charged.

The yeedi vac 2 pro has four suction levels: quiet (300 Pa), regular (600 Pa), max (1,500 Pa), and max+ (3,000 Pa), with an extra boost option for use on carpets. The battery is strong enough to operate for up to 200 minutes per charge, or slightly less than three and a half hours. This presupposes that you’re just using the vacuum and that you’re only using it on firm flooring.

When cleaning with a mop or on the carpet, your battery life will be reduced. However, even on all carpets, you may anticipate to wait roughly two hours. The mopping function will run for around 2 12 hours on its own. That’s roughly how long it takes for the water reservoir to run dry and need to be replenished.

Also, the innovative oscillating mopping mechanism and 3000Pa suction power vacuums and mops simultaneously to scrub off dried-on spots from wood/tile/laminate floors and clean up debris from both carpeted and hard surfaces which works amazingly and upto mark.


The yeedi vac 2 pro is one of the most powerful and innovative smart vacuums available today. It’s one of the most advanced robotic vacuums we’ve seen in a long time, with a self-emptying dust hopper. It also includes an integrated mop, a powerful motor, and a variety of touch controls. This self-emptying robot vacuum spares you trips to the garbage can, and the suction and battery life are also excellent.