Only With Love Brewery Wins Gold and Silver Awards for its AF Beers at the 2022 European Beer Challenge

Only With Love, the UK’s first mixed kombucha, beer and AF brewery, is thrilled to announce that Juicy AF (its banging sunshine mango pale) and Happy AF (its black forest gateaux dreamboat) picked up gold and silver respectively in the AF category at this year’s European Beer Challenge – beating a top lineup that included other global brands in the AF beer scene; as judged by beer buyers from some of the largest beer importers and retailers in Europe.

According to a recent global research report from CGA Strategy, the AF beer sector is expected to grow 9% year-on-year through to 2025, reaching a total market value of $23.27; and while just 5% of Dry January participants drank non-alcoholic beers in 2019, that number jumped to 29% in 2022.

The awards represent great recognition for Only With Love’s fastest and biggest sellers of 2022. Only With Love’s AF range – which also includes Zippy AF strawberry lime sour – was a long time in the making, requiring a lot of work, experimentation and investment to create a set of beers that are properly beer-worthy and comparable with other top flight (boozy) craft ales.

Only With Love’s AF beers look, feel and taste right – with great head, mouthfeel, hoppiness and body – and demand to be drunk on their own merit, rather than as a substitute. The beers are created with a new process – which combines malts, temperatures and resulting sugars to create a special fermentation.

Roger Warner, co-founder at Only With Love said: “We’re delighted to win best in class for Alcohol Free at the European Beer Challenge. Pound-for-pound, our new AF beers are the best around. We want Only With Love AF beers to be the AF alternative for all craft beer heads – for folks who want all the flavour, body and punch of a proper craft ale… but who are currently stuck with other less punchy fare that doesn’t stand up so well on the nose or palate.”

About Only With Love

Founded in 2020 (in lockdown #1 & #2) by Steve (the guy behind Holler Brewery) and Roger (a guy who drank too much Holler beer) in the heart of Sussex, Only With Love is a new kind of brewery. Sustainably created, packaged and delivered. We create kombucha and beer for better minds, bodies and spirits. We believe there’s only one way to do things: with love.

Our drinks are made with love – with the freshest, most healthy ingredients and processes. Our business is driven by love – in support of the communities we work with. Our relationships are built on love – for our customers, partners, friends and family. And our decisions are guided by love: there’s usually a good answer when love is the principle. We also hope that our drinks will be enjoyed in the same way – alone or together (but hopefully the latter).

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