Magenta Flowers – Best Wedding Flower Preservation Specialists 2021

Magenta Flowers – Best Wedding Flower Preservation Specialists 2021 & UK LUXlife Customer Satisfaction Award 2021 Winners!

At a wedding, flowers are more than just a decoration. They’re the embodiment of love shared between two people. Instead of sitting aside and withering away, why not ensure that the delightful blooms you chose with care survive as long your marriage. We take a look at Magenta Flowers to see how they capture that symbol and turn it into a memory that will last forever.

There’s nothing like a wedding day, and the memory that that day carries is truly indescribable. Finding something unique to remember that day with is not always easy. For some, pictures and photos will do, but they don’t capture the mood of the day. They cannot encapsulate the depth of meaning of these events.

That’s what Magenta Flowers does. They help brides to turn their wedding bouquet and flowers into beautiful handmade ornaments which they can treasure forever. With such a specific niche, you’re sure to receive a memory that is to the highest possible standards. The team focus specifically on this work, and have done for the last two years. This ensures that the final result is not only exceptional, but is second to none.

As a small family business, the team make sure every wedding product is designed with care and attention, combining both detail and fine art in the search for success. For true luxury, there really is none finer. As a firm that is committed to high standards, it’s little wonder that they have been able to collaborate with some of the leading names in the UK’s wedding industry, ensuring that your wedding not only goes without a hitch, but that the bride is left with something a little different to the norm.

Of course, one of the keys to the firm’s success and their provision of leading luxury services is their ability to focus on the needs of the customer. By having such a strong focus, Magenta Flowers has satisfied the needs of even the most specific of requests, taking the time to ensure that what they deliver is what people want to see. Such care and attention does not go unnoticed and is a key aspect behind the firm’s double triumph in the Global Wedding Awards.

Such success brings its own challenges, naturally, and in the case of Magenta Flowers, this has come with the need to expand. The builders are already on standby to double the size of the workshop to meet increased demand for what the team does. During 2020, with weddings cancelled, it was clear that the team needed to pivot their business. They did so with aplomb and are now proud to offer Funeral Flower Preservation to those who want to remember their loved ones with affection.

As the world returns to a new normal, and the wedding industry with it, the value of flower preservation is going to become clear to couples. What was a business that could barely find a listing has more than found its feet within the luxury market. We celebrate that success and look forward to the wonders that the team will bring to the wedding scene next.

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