Vue Cinemas named as the best place to work by students.

Students have revealed that Vue Cinemas is the best place to work whilst studying.

Cinemas, in general, are well-reviewed with Vue and Odeon both being in the top three due to their shift flexibility making it easy to fit around studying.

The Range and Card Factory are named as the places that students should avoid working. 


Breakroom, the people-powered job site, has revealed the best and worst student employers in the UK according to their over 240,000 members. The top spot went to Vue Cinemas with the second spot going to Schuh and Odeon Cinemas third. 

The Range, Card Factory and B&M were named as the worst places to work if you are a student.

With the summer holidays right around the corner, students will be looking for jobs that fit in with their lifestyle or future studies. Breakroom has surveyed thousands of students working for hundreds of well-known businesses to find out the truth about what it is really like working for them. 95% of students told us that Vue is a good place to work if you’re studying and this is important because a good job should allow you to fit work around important things in your life, like studying.
Breakroom has been sharing the truth about working for some of the UK’s largest employers on their TikTok account with millions of views so far.


“odeon is such a good place to work”

Quandale Dingle

“Great content bro I’m 17 I work in B&Q it’s kinda hard if I’m being honest not the easiest to balance with college life”

A few TikTokers guessed the employers that would appear in the bottom 10 based on their experiences:


There have been lists of top-ranked companies. Breakroom’s list is unique as it is based on what people working on the frontline really experience. Not their bosses in the head office. These rankings are produced by students currently working there.

10 best student employers:

Bottom 10 student employers:

Anna Maybank, CEO and co-founder of Breakroom commented; 
We believe everyone deserves a good job and Breakroom is here to help make sure they get it. Rather than just simply getting people to rate their job like a movie or a toaster purchase we ask the questions that really matter to job seekers, like ‘how much are you paid per hour’ ‘how much notice do you get for your shifts?’, ‘is this job good for students’, ‘are shifts flexible’ and ‘does your manager treat you with respect?’. From this quiz, we produce a Breakroom score for their job and an employer rating they can trust, meaning you can find a good job that meets your needs. A good job should allow you to fit work around important things in your life, like studying. Life isn’t just about work and having a good job means you have space for you to do well in both.” 


*Reviews and ratings are accurate as of 16th May 2022. 

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