What Is Cosmetic Dentistry, And Why You Need One?

If you’re self-conscious about your smile or interested in making other changes to your teeth look, cosmetic dentistry is a fantastic option for you. Cosmetic dentistry improves the appearance of someone’s teeth, not just their function.

It can be as essential as whitening your teeth and getting an occasional filling, or it can be more complex and look at things like having metal braces (or even clear braces) put on to straighten crooked teeth. It also might involve having veneers put onto your natural tooth surfaces if you want a more dramatic change in the appearance of one or two teeth.

Process of Treatment Under Cosmetic Dentistry

The primary treatment process involves a “before and after” procedure. In virtually all cases, preliminary dentistry is done to prepare the patient for the following cosmetic procedures.

This typically means having one or more cavities filled, bleaching the teeth, changing their shape, and cleaning or removing tooth stains or discolored areas. This can be done while you wait for the dentistry to be completed.

However, visit a dentist if you decide to have a procedure on your teeth or have serious problems that may need addressing. These cosmetic dentistry procedures can be done on temporary molars (false teeth) while your permanent teeth are finished. For best treatment, visit cosmetic dentistry at Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions.

Cases Where Cosmetic Dentistry can help

Not everyone interested in cosmetic dentistry will qualify for it. In many cases, cosmetic dentistry is limited to people ages 22 years and older, and even then, there are still limitations on what can be done. For example, if you have an extreme overbite or under bite (known as malocclusion), you’re not a good candidate for cosmetic procedures like braces.

Another limitation of cosmetic dentistry is that it most frequently improves the appearance of your front teeth — those that are visible when you smile or speak. So if you want to enhance the look of your smile or get better oral health, you’ll need to rely on traditional dental procedures or cosmetic treatments.

Benefits of Getting Cosmetic Dentistry

  1. There are two main reasons people choose to get cosmetic dentistry procedures. One is that they’re self-conscious about the way their teeth look. The other is that they want to improve the appearance of their smile. These reasons can be valid, but it’s essential to understand that getting cosmetic dentistry does not guarantee you’ll love your new smile.
  2. What it does do is a promise to change your teeth for the better and make you more comfortable with their appearance. The main reason people are self-conscious about their smiles is that they can be embarrassed by the arrival of the teeth that are visible when they smile. That’s why it’s often best to wait until your permanent teeth are finished before treating your front teeth.

Final Words

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can change a person’s life by improving their smile and eliminating their feelings of embarrassment. Additionally, this process is designed for every single age group. So keep up with your smile and keep moving forward with cosmetic dental surgeries.

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