5 Summer Self-Care Ideas

At this point, we’re all collectively dealing with something called “crisis fatigue.” It seems like every day, we are hearing or seeing more negative news, and it continues to compound on itself. On top of global events, we have our everyday personal and professional stress with which we deal. While it’s essential to improve your mental health in as many ways as possible, it takes time for the hard work to pay off. Enter self-care – while it does help boost your emotional wellbeing, self-care or self-love practices generally give you an immediate positive effect. While we all have the preferred things we enjoy doing to show ourselves some love, let’s look at how the summer season lends itself to self-care. 

Simply Swimming 

Swimming is one of the beneficial physical activities for your body. Did you know that you sweat more in swimming than in any other sport? Add to that, it’s a whole-body workout and elongates your physique the same way dancing does. Summertime with its idyllic temps makes swimming one of the best activities to partake in – and in the dead of summer, when temperatures are scorching, it’s the only activity you want to partake in! So, use this summer to show yourself some self-care by taking care of your physical body while zoning out while swimming laps. Let your mind focus on the strokes you make and think of nothing else, or use it as a time to work through any issues troubling you positively. 

Embrace The Rain 

If you live in a mainly tropical climate, you may be familiar with that daily afternoon rainfall that cools things down. Do you know that fabulous smell after the rain that makes everything seem alright in the world? Walk outside and take a deep inhale, and just zen out. Don’t even wait until it’s done raining; head outside and dance in the rain, and let your inner child get free. Rain is also the perfect time to curl up with a good book, a favorite movie, or take a catnap. And when the rain clears, remember again to take a deep inhale of the rejuvenating scent.

Aromatherapy Around Us 

If you’re reminiscing on the scent of rain just mentioned while burning your petrichor candle, remember there is aromatherapy all around you outside during the summer too. While candles and incense are phenomenal for burning on your back patio, it’s worth the investment of planting aromatic herbs and flowers around your home to help ground you during summer. Grounding is a critical part of self-care as it positively affects both your body and brain. Additionally, when you’re growing flowers and plants that smell good to you outside, nothing will beat their fresh-cut fragrance in your home either.

Taking A Vacation 

Countless studies have shown that people who take regular vacations have a dramatically lower risk of stroke or cardiovascular disease. Summer is the perfect time to take the vacation you’ve dreamed of. If it’s not within your budget to fly to an exotic locale, going on a short weekend getaway or road trip can significantly help your emotional and mental wellbeing. Take advantage of the season and unplug for several days with a staycation at the minimum. 

Start A Garden 

They say you are what you eat, so if you’re eating the healthiest and freshest food, that’s how you’ll feel. Think of it this way – the fewer ingredients and less processed your food is, the less your body has to process after consuming it. By starting your own garden, you’re in control of how your food is grown and can eat it at the peak of freshness. You’ll save a lot of money growing your own food which can be used on other things to make you feel good, even if that’s just a more significant savings account. 

While self-care should be a year-round priority, the lazy days of summer lend themselves to a slower pace of life and the ability to stop and smell the roses – another thing you can do to show yourself some love. Investing in self-care today and every day is an investment that will pay off in more robust health, longevity, and peace – something for which we are all looking.