Improve Employee Morale in the Workplace With These Massage Chairs

Keeping your employees in good spirits is a tough job, but putting it off might lead to dire consequences. It’s best to always keep in mind that your employees are individuals, and every now and then, for one reason or another, they will start to feel a little spent. Although you can usually leave the counseling to your human resources manager, it’s nice to show your appreciation to your employees more directly every now and then. One good way to show that is by giving them a space to relax during their break. Not just any break room, mind you, but a place that they could feel welcome in, a place to forget about work for a while and just focus on replenishing their batteries. You may or may not already have this space, but we’re here to show you how you can enhance it tenfold using a simple product. We’re sure you can already tell what we’re referring to – a massage chair!

Causes of Poor Employee Morale

Before we delve into how massage chairs can boost your workplace’s efficiency, we first need to identify the biggest reasons why your employees are underperforming in the first place. Note that this is only a rough summary to keep this article at a reasonable length, and we won’t be mentioning personal problems since those require a much more delicate approach altogether. You should personally talk to your employees to figure out what the problem is. Make sure you are open and approachable, so they can freely express their issues. You’ll find that being apprehensive when you don’t even know what their circumstances are will guarantee to make the process much more difficult than it should be.


Conflict can occur when orders are miscommunicated somewhere along the command chain, and this could lead to a lot of confusion. Employees who are not made clear with their tasks can sometimes feel unmotivated and stressed out. Perhaps there’s also an unseen barrier preventing them from asking for clarifications.

Poor Working Conditions

Are you sure the air conditioning system of the office is working properly? What about the tools your employees are using? The working environment has to feel as smooth and streamlined as possible so your workers can operate without hindrance. Making them feel emotionally and physically comfortable while they work will make them feel privileged to be working in your company, and will be less inclined to perform poorly.

Feeling Underappreciated

Some of your employees might feel that the effort that they put in is unappreciated and that their work is unfulfilling. This is a sentiment that can be harbored by anyone, even your most loyal subordinates. It is a natural human desire to seek fulfillment, and you can’t really blame someone for wanting their efforts to be rewarded, or at least, acknowledged.

How Can Massage Chairs Help?

Having a massage chair that anybody can use in your break room could do wonders at not just reenergizing your employees, but also encouraging them to adopt a more positive mindset before they get back to work. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it? Well, we have some good evidence to back up that claim.

Reduces Physical and Mental Stress

We mentioned earlier how miscommunication can lead to unnecessary stress, and this could cause workers to feel directionless with their tasks. Of course, massage chairs won’t do the talking for you or your employee. What it can provide, however, is a great way for a person to clear their minds so they can make better judgments and ease their anxieties. We know this to be true because there’s no denying that relaxation is a matter of physical and mental wellbeing. Share the heavenly 4D massage experience of the Osaki OS 4D Pro Maestro massage chair with your team and let its rhythmic movements whisk away every bit of work-related stress they may be experiencing.

Reduce Work-Related Injuries

It may not make the place look significantly nicer (that’s still your job), but a massage chair can certainly help reduce injuries that may or may not be caused by the conditions of your workplace. Office workers often hurt their hips and back after sitting for hours on end in front of a computer. A massage chair like the Amamedic Hilux 4D can help your employees stretch their muscles during their break and prevent them from developing muscle tensions. Meanwhile, you should start fixing up the place and make it more comfortable and safe.

Fast and Simple

One of the reasons why a massage chair is perfect in a break room is that you don’t want your employees taking too long to set up and start relaxing. With an automatic massage chair, they could just sit down as soon as their break starts and let the massage chair do its magic. We recommend the intelligent voice-activated JPMedics Kumo massage chair for just this kind of job. It’s both time-efficient and easily accessible; a win-win situation for you and your employees!

A Simple Gesture of Thanks

Getting a massage chair (or two) is a great way to show your employees that you value their work and care about their wellbeing. It is a huge purchase, that’s for sure, but keep in mind that it’s something a lot of people will benefit from for a long time. In exchange, you also get employees that are much more invigorated to work for you and will feel more welcome to open up about their issues. Not to sound like a broken clock, but we’ll say it again that massage chairs won’t instantly solve all your workplace problems, but it offers a nice support system for your employees that will help them get the energy to overcome their challenges. It’s a simple and very effective gesture of appreciation.

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