Hydrogen Water or Alkaline Water? Everything About Wellness Waters

Hydrogen Water or Alkaline Water? Everything About Wellness Waters

Hydrogenated and alkaline water are some of the most sought-after drinks these days, and for good reasons. Since these are relatively new products, people have been asking a lot of questions about them. Like in any industry, it is not always easy to differentiate hype from the real name of the game. You might be wondering what is so unique about these specialist waters and why they have become a part of people’s lifestyles. You also want to know the difference between HRW and alkaline water.

What Exactly is Hydrogen Water?

Simply put, HRW is hydrogen-infused water. The process of making hydrogen water entails pushing more H2 particles into the water. Compared to normal H2O that flows from a tap, hydrogenated water has more H2 elements. It is said to help in minimizing oxidative stress. People suffering from minor ailments like dehydration are advised to Drink HRW in conjunction with other solutions.

There is a close correlation between hydrogen and pH (potential for hydrogen). Ideally, people should drink pure or neutral water, which has a pH of 7. The presence of extra molecules of H2 in water raises the pH by 0.5. As such, the pH of HRW ranges from 7-7.5, like that of blood. Just because the pH of HRW is above seven doesn’t mean it is alkaline, but it becomes an alkalizing agent when consumed. In essence, it reduces the acidity in the body, thereby minimizing oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is the main culprit of acidification. Since HRW contains more hydrogen gas, it may provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory-like benefits. The antioxidant-like ability lies in the membrane separating hydrogen from oxygen. Without this membrane, the active oxygen would get into the body and trigger oxidation. Many consumers have praised HRW for its potential to improve muscle recovery, lower mineralization, improve energy levels, and delay aging. The benefits are very similar to that of light water.

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is not the same as hydrogen-rich water. For one, the pH of alkaline water is above 8.5, hence it is very good at neutralizing acidity in the body. However, it has greater mineralization potential and may not help to combat oxidative stress. The problem with most alkaline water products is that they are infused with inorganic minerals that are not recommended for long-term use. If you are looking to maintain an alkaline diet, you can give alkaline water a try. But make sure you don’t have any health issues like kidney disease.

When to take HRW vs. Alkaline Water

Some machines are designed to produce a combination of alkaline and hydrogenated water. Consuming both HRW and alkaline water makes sense in many ways. Apart from their nutritional benefits, they are more economical when bought together. But if you are looking for specific health-promoting benefits from each type of water, here is an overview of what to take.

HRW for Fighting Free Radicals

Free radicals are harmful compounds coming from the eternal environment. They are known to increase oxidative stress and further accelerate aging and other conditions like inflammations. One way to fight oxidation is by reducing the acidity in the blood, and HRW can improve the pH to a desirable level.

HRW for Healthy Blood circulation

HRW has been shown to improve blood flow. When blood reaches every tissue in the body, you are sure to enjoy proper mobility and higher energy levels. Naturally, hydrogen-charged particles in the blood oppose one another. This results in smoother circulation that is said to reduce the risk of gangrene and migraines.

Alkaline Water for Mineral Boost

Alkaline water is infused with such compounds as potassium calcium, bicarbonate, and silica. Potassium is best known for boosting energy and aiding digestion while calcium helps with bone maintenance. Bicarbonate helps to reduce acidity, which is an enemy of muscle recovery. Lastly, silica is good for detoxification to keep hair and nails healthy.

HRW for Detoxification

As a building block of good health, hydrogen plays a big role in the transportation of toxins via blood to the kidneys and the liver. When the two organs remove the toxins, you start developing healthy skin plus other anti-aging benefits.

Alkaline Water for Digestive Health

Alkaline water is ionized, meaning it can counteract the oxidation process. Oxidation happens when there is a buildup of harmful microbes and compounds in the cells. You can, therefore, reduce the risk of organ diseases by replenishing your body with an alkaline fluid.

How Much Hydrogenated Water is Too Much?

You can take HRW over and over without going on an overdose. After 30 minutes of hydrogenation, the H2 content reaches saturation point and cannot dissolve anymore and the excess H2 evaporates. You can take anything from 1L to 3L of HRW every day. No matter how long you consume, you can never overdose yourself.

Can You Apply HRW Directly on the Skin?

Yes. You can use hydrogenated water as a routine skincare regimen. Use a cloth and leave the dampness for a few minutes.

Is Hydrogen Water Safe for the High-Risk Population?

Pregnant women, babies, and the elderly can take HRW. Its main function is to assist in maintaining a desirable oxidation level for a healthy body. No contraindications have been recorded yet on vulnerable people.

Can You Replace Antioxidant Foods with Hydrogen-Rich Water?

No. Hydrogenated water is not an antioxidant by itself. The natural vitamins and minerals you can obtain from food are extremely important. Apart from the antioxidant qualities, healthy foods play a role in critical functions and cannot be replaced with HRW.


Your body has a mechanism for controlling the pH level to prevent too much acidity, but your internal mechanism should not overwork. Drinking hydrogen water and alkaline water is one way of protecting your muscles and bone structure. This is one of the reasons wellness waters are in demand today. No doubt, people from all corners of the world are now appreciating the health benefits of specialist waters.

Alkaline and HRW offer distinct benefits. While alkaline water aids in restoring the optimal functions of the body, hydrogen water improves the restorative and antioxidant properties. Start today improving your lifestyle and prevent future health issues with wellness waters.