One Fourth of Patients Waited Over Four Hours for Care at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

One Fourth of Patients Waited Over Four Hours for Care at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

The National Health Service (NHS) data has shown that since the end of April 2017, Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) was at a pace of dealing only with 75% of Accident and Emergency (A&E) patients within four hours, the time they try to work within based accordance with the wishes of the Government of Scotland.

According to Liberal Democrats asked,  the worst performance since the 2015 opening is in evidence.  The statistics show that in the week ending April 30, 2017, 91.3% of A&E those seeking medical care across Scotland were seen and either transferred, admitted, or discharged within four hours.  The Scottish Government was presently targeting a success rate of 95%, so results were below this.

Of the 223 seeking help and spent over eight hours in Emergency and 45 additional individuals had to standby for over 12 hours.

All the way across the NHS Forth Valley vicinity, more than one-fifth of those arriving at a hospital for A&E care had waits exceeding four hours, although 78.4% of presented cases were served within the time the Government targeted.

According to Alex Cole-Hamilton, a health spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, “It is clear from these new statistics that emergency departments across Scotland are really struggling to meet demand.

“At the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital alone almost 500 patients waited longer than four hours to be dealt with. It has struggled to meet this target from day one and staff and patients will be frustrated that there is little sign of this changing.

“The facilities and dedication of the staff at the QEUH are first class but, as the Royal College of Nursing warned last week, services are under ‘real strain.’

“Instead of focusing on another divisive independence referendum, SNP ministers should tell staff and patients at this hospital and others on the front-line across Scotland when they will finally deliver the support and resources they so desperately need.”

Another Scottish Labour party member, Anas Sarwar, a health spokesperson as well, commented:   “These figures expose the impact of the SNP’s mismanagement of the NHS.

“The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital cost £850 million and has been opened for two years A quarter of patients had to wait more than four hours to be seen in the accident and emergency department at Scotland’s flagship hospital.

“Now – these figures can’t be dismissed as teething problems. SNP ministers must get a grip of this problem urgently.

“The SNP Government should focus on the day job of running the NHS rather than trying to force another divisive independence referendum on the people of Scotland, she added.”

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