Thinking of Buying Gold Jewelry? A Little Planning Makes all the Difference

Although jewelry trends are constantly going in and out of favor, there will probably never be a time when gold jewelry will truly go out of style. High-grade gold is an excellent investment that holds its value. Gold symbolizes luxury, optimism, wisdom, and enlightenment. Even the least-expensive pieces add a touch of elegance to wardrobes. Wearing golden accessories adds sophistication to clothing and complements the skin. It is a lovely choice in any season and can provide a sense of warmth when the weather turns cold.

It is easy to build a jewelry collection using carefully chosen gold pieces mixed and matched for every occasion. However, it is good to do a little research and understand the precious metal before going shopping. Every woman should decide on pieces that reflect her style, so choose some classic jewelry and then add a few trendier choices. It’s also essential to learn how to maintain gold accessories.

First a Little Gold Background Information

Investors often buy 24-karat gold because it is the purest form, and therefore the most valuable. However, it is not necessarily the best choice for customers shopping for fine gold jewelry. For one thing, the purest form is also the softest, making it susceptible to damage and impractical for everyday use.

Most buyers who are looking for gold jewelry would do well to choose from 10, 12, or 14-karat pieces. They contain alloys that make them more durable and sensible for everyday wear. Jewelry made of 18-karat gold is best reserved for special occasions when it is less likely to be harmed.

Even the most exquisite pieces are rarely made entirely of gold. The most expensive items offered by jewelers are generally gold-filled and frequently considered investment pieces. Sellers also offer gold-plated jewelry that is made when base metals are dipped in gold. It is trendy because jewelers offer a wide variety of beautiful, budget-friendly styles.

Before Shopping Find a Trustworthy Seller

As the value of pure gold skyrocketed in recent years, thousands of sellers began offering gold jewelry in every form, so it is easy to find. Every business from high-end retailers to local shops carries fine gold jewelry, but a trip to town is not necessary to locate fashion-forward, quality pieces. There are now Internet stores that stock a wide range of styles in various price ranges. Buyers can shop from home and have their jewelry shipped to them.

The key is to deal with an established store that offers a wide range of products and pieces for every occasion. Use a vendor that sells a selection of unique pieces for every age group. Trustworthy Internet jewelers are also quality conscious, stand behind their products, and include a guarantee against discoloration or defective pieces.

Research Types of Gold Alloys

Consumers can find jewelry made with various gold alloys that impact the look and style of pieces, so it is essential to understand the differences between them. Choices can include yellow, white, rose, and green gold. Each has its own symbolism, uses, and characteristics.

In 2020, celebrities were spotted wearing yellow gold pieces layered over other accessories. Yellow gold looks good with every complexion, creates a sense of elegance, and compliments any stone. Yellow gold is associated with affection, makes an excellent gift, and is the most hypoallergenic kind of gold.

White gold looks like silver and is a favorite choice for engagement rings. It is sometimes paired with yellow gold in two-toned jewelry. White materials like nickel, manganese, or palladium give white gold its strength.

Lovely rose gold is still the first choice for many fashionistas. It is made with a mixture of silver and copper alloys as well as gold. The more gold that is included, the redder the metal. It is the ideal choice for those who love gold’s sophistication and the warmth of pinks, rose, and red. Rose gold is an affordable option that compliments all skin tones.

Rare green gold is made from a mix of silver and gold. Its yellow-green color makes it an ideal choice for pieces that include emeralds and peridots. A version called electrum is mined naturally, but few jewelers have access to it, making it difficult to find green gold.

Decide on a Personal Style

There’s no doubt gold has such a timeless style it is always trendy. But certain pieces are more appropriate for some occasions than others, so buyers must choose jewelry that fits their personal tastes and lifestyles. For example, a busy young mother who lives a casual lifestyle probably has more use for a ring or stud earrings than dangly earrings babies might pull off.

Some examples of gold jewelry for specific lifestyles might include:

  • For the busy mom: A pair of gold studs and perhaps a simple cuff bracelet works for every day, and she can layer necklaces and wear a cocktail ring for a dressy look that is also budget-friendly.
  • For business-savvy women: Choose a simple, low-key geometric necklace and a pair of small gold hoop earrings that add sparkle to business wear.
  • For the fashionista: Creative ladies with a flair for style can wear almost anything that suits their personalities. For instance, a true individualist might enjoy a diamond and gold charm necklace and a big, bold statement ring, and eye-catching, dangling earrings.
  • For an athletic woman: These active girls want something simple that doesn’t get in the way, like stackable rings and small, cute stud earrings.

Choose Pieces for a Capsule Collection

When it comes to jewelry, minimalism is in, and excess was so yesterday. Fashion-forward women are embracing the concepts of capsule jewelry collections that go with their capsule wardrobes. The idea is to own a few essential pieces from casual wear to boardroom to ballroom.

There’s no hard and fast rule about how many pieces a collection should include. Some women own 40 items, while a half-dozen essentials work for others. The key is to find quality, durable pieces, and choosing gold ensures classic elegance. Per online lifestyle publication Verily, “A minimalist jewelry capsule could contain a mere six items: one pair of studs, one pair of dangle earrings or hoops, one ring, one watch, one necklace, and one bracelet.”

Creating a capsule collection ensures that a woman always has several simple, neutral jewelry pieces that can be alternated for any occasion. However, that doesn’t rule out owning other “just for fun” items. Every woman needs to buy some accessories because they bring her joy.

Learn What Styles Are Trending

Some women essentially wear a few classic gold and diamond pieces for decades and are not interested in the new and trendy. However, most want to freshen their collections occasionally with at least one or two jewelry pieces that reflect current trends. Simply wearing an on-trend necklace or pairing older pieces with a new style can give a wardrobe an up-to-the-minute look.

Fortunately, magazines like Vogue can always be depended on to report on what’s chic, what’s hot, and what’s not. In 2021, it’s all about waist-up dressing, so jewelry is front and center. Gold chokers are getting a lot of attention because they look good during videoconferencing. Interesting earrings that add a pop of color are very in, as are pendant necklaces. Women are also adding sparkle to tops with big, chunky gold link necklaces, and some fashionistas are sporting multiple ear cuffs.

Become Familiar with Gold Maintenance

It’s a good idea for shoppers to consider maintenance needs when shopping for new gold jewelry. Picking up cleaning and storage items makes it easier to maintain pieces. Gold jewelry must be cared for properly to ensure it retains its beauty and is not damaged. Following a few simple steps can extend jewelry life and keep it looking its best.

For instance, owners should take off jewelry before swimming, showering, bathing, or beginning activities that cause heavy sweating. It is best to put jewelry on after applying makeup, hand lotion, and perfume. Take off jewelry if it might come in contact with something very hard, such as weights.

Gold jewelry needs to be stored when it’s not being worn because dust and residue will collect in parts of it. Jewelry should be cleaned periodically to remove any dirt. Pieces can be washed in warm water and a little dish-washing detergent. They should be cleaned gently with a toothbrush and dried with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Gold-plated jewelry has a veneer that can be damaged, so it is best to store each piece separately, ideally in a soft bag. If heavy, prolonged use tarnishes gold-plated pieces beyond repair, professional re-plating can typically restore them.

Timeless, elegant gold jewelry is always in style, so it is a good investment for women who want versatile, classic accessories. Before shopping for gold jewelry, buyers should understand the different types of gold and take the time to identify those that suit their personal style. Consumers might also consider creating a capsule collection of essential gold pieces that can be alternated for various occasions. It is also important that buyers learn how to clean and store jewelry pieces to ensure they look their best and last for many years.