Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Wedding Halls in Luton and Other Tips to Plan the Event amid the Pandemic

Going to plan your wedding? Here is some good news for you. The UK government has eased covid-19 restrictions at wedding events from July 19, 2021. There are no legal limits on the number of people attending a wedding. Social distancing is no more applicable. So, you need not stay 2m away from those with whom you don’t live. Also, face coverings are no more needed by law. So, you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest with your loved ones.

If you wish to host the big day at a good venue like Holiday Inn Luton South, book the wedding hall in Luton well in advance. Check out these tips to plan the perfect wedding.

Fix the Budget

Nail a budget before you start spending on wedding plans. That way, you can prevent stretching the budget too far. When planning the budget, remember to include the small additional costs as well, such as costs of beauty therapies, gifts, and dress alterations. These can also add up to the total expenses.

Choose Guests Selectively

Sort the guest list early so that you get enough time to decide on a wedding venue with enough accommodation for all the guests. Costs per head will add up to one of your major expenses. So, take your time but invite only them whose presence is a must for you. Also, pick your best girls wisely by choosing your closest relatives, sisters, or best friends. They’re your greatest support throughout the planning process.

Book the Venue

Keep a few more things in mind besides the guest list when finalizing the wedding venue. Say, you want a venue in Luton. Then make sure that it’s very close to the Luton airport so guests can easily arrive at the destination. Check whether the nearest roads and major junctions are easily accessible from the hotel.

Moreover, the venue must have elegant and elaborate decorations, modern d├ęcor and offer quality catering and alcohol. Once satisfied with all the facilities, book the wedding venue in Luton by contacting the hotel directly.

Consult an Event Planner

See if the chosen hotel or holiday inn houses experienced event planners. If yes, you can rely on them completely to plan your big day in the most memorable way. If you wish to add your personal touch, you can check out ideas of wedding decorations on Pinterest. Discuss the chosen idea with the wedding planners so they can plan the decor suiting your tastes and preferences.

Book an Excellent Photographer

You’ll relive the beautiful memories of your day by flipping through the wedding album. The pictures must capture all the emotions of the big day. So, choose an experienced photographer who understands exactly what you want. You can even go for engagement shoots to know the professional better and practice some poses too!

Finally, get the menu right after exploring all catering options at the wedding venue in Luton. Don’t stress too much over a pitch-perfect wedding plan. Just enjoy getting ready for the long-awaited day!