These Habits Could Be Causing You to Age Faster

We all have our vices, but some come at a hefty price. Even if you don’t think your daily habits have any long-term effects, many habits people pick up over the years can accelerate the aging process. Once you hit 25, collagen production begins to slow down. This can result in less elasticity and a decline in skin appearance. What’s worse is that these habits can speed up the process faster and make you look more tired, worn out and older than you are. While true beauty lasts at any age, you don’t have to lose a healthy, natural glow due to these habits.

Drinking to Destress

Drinking does far more harm than good, no matter what you feel after having some wine. People who drink experience more fine lines and wrinkles at an early age due to the excessive build-up of fats called triglycerides. Alcohol of any kind also causes dehydration, which diminishes the moisture in your skin, leads to greater toxins and lowers your Vitamin A levels. Consider healthier ways to unwind after a long day. Gaming, art and meditation are all great outlets that can help you lower stress.

Skipping Sleep

Sleep is integral to skin health because it aids cellular repair. Inadequate sleep, either in quality or quantity, leads to dark circles, wrinkles, premature aging and poorer protection against sun damage. Your face isn’t the only thing that suffers from lack of sleep. Nearly every physiological process requires six to eight hours of restorative sleep to function optimally. If you struggle to fall or stay asleep, consider talking to a therapist. Insomnia is a common symptom of many mental health conditions, including chronic stress, depression and anxiety disorders.

Drinking More Coffee Than Water

Hydration has to come from H20 in order to provide adequate moisture throughout your body. Premature aging can happen when people rely more on drinks like coffee, tea and soda to quench their thirst. Your skin requires adequate water to disperse vitamins and nutrients as well as flush toxins out of your system. Dehydration doesn’t just result in duller, drier looking skin. You’ll also notice that wrinkles and fine lines appear more noticeable when you aren’t drinking enough water. Keep in mind that fruits and vegetables can also contribute to your daily fluid intake.

Smoking or Vaping

Nicotine and other chemicals dehydrate the skin, which results in more prominent wrinkles and lines. Wound healing and cellular regeneration can also be slowed down by the intake of cigarettes, cigars and other forms of smoking. One way to correct this after you quit is to start using face serums that restore collagen and improve elasticity. Look for an oil-free serum that contains vitamin C for your skin. The benefits of Vitamin C include greater hydration, improved texture, greater collagen production and reduced redness and darkness.

Not Wearing Sunscreen

Sun damage can not only elevate your risk of melanoma but also make you appear a decade older than your chronological age. Being outdoors is great for the mind, body and spirit, but you should always take protection from UV rays by wearing sunscreen. Even during the colder months, you should apply a layer of SPF 30 before heading outside. This will slow down the aging process by preventing the sun’s rays from burning and wearing down your skin’s elasticity.

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