LMS Features Non-Profit Organizations Should Look For Before Buying

LMS Features Non-Profit Organizations Should Look For Before Buying

Today, there are opportunities to learn everywhere, particularly in the nonprofit sector. They provide educational programming to help enlighten their staff, constituents, members, buyers, and volunteers. The educational resources help these people better comprehend their roles in the community as well as help you achieve your goals.

However, e-learning has made it more effortless for nonprofit organizations of all sizes – from small to large international companies that provide training to use these intuitive teaching methods essentially to emphasize their impact on society. 

But let us first understand why a nonprofit organization needs an LMS: 

An LMS like lessonly is required by a nonprofit organization to conduct a successful training program that teaches its donors, employees, partners, and volunteers about their projects. Besides, an LMS also sells online courses to other companies or individuals that are interested in the social issues the nonprofit organization supports. However, there are many more reasons a nonprofit should invest in learning management software such as:

  • Optimizes training time and costs
  • Advancing skills of existing employees
  • Boosts your branding
  • Enables easy compliance management
  • Onboarding new workers or volunteers to the organization
  • offers customized learning

Thus, to bring benefits to nonprofit organizations, one must choose a learning management system that avails the features mentioned below.

Top Features To Look For In A Non-Profit LMS

  • Certification feature: Certificates encourage young learners and their clans to complete courses and provide improvement points to teachers. Certificate feature support detains them accountable and guarantees they’ve met the standards of your non-profits. A few LMSs can automatically create certificates after learners complete training programs. Choose an LMS that helps learners gain professional development and proof of their dedication and hard work by certifying them. 
  • Integration: For a nonprofit organization that sells e-learning courses, it is important to look into integration features. An easy-to-use LMS that blends well with e-commerce, email marketing, and other kinds of devices, which enables you to accomplish more and ascend the business quicker. Combing with other software, apps or third-party tools makes the process of training programs and selling courses easier via automation, providing smooth data synchronization.
  • Mobile feature: It is possible for volunteers or teams who advocate for you at the local level to be remotely available. Keeping it in mind, you need to provide them with efficiently accessible learning materials. Besides, most students today depend on their mobiles, tablets, or smartphones to gain new information, so, you need to be able to fulfill their demands. Moreover, to engage learners and make their learning procedure effective and easy, you need to choose an LMS that comes with an inherent mobile app. These apps allow students to download lessons to their tablets or smartphones and study them offline anytime and anywhere.
  • Automated Reporting: Monitoring trainees’ completion rates and engrossment is important to keep track of not only how workers are performing, but also if your materials are on the mark. The LMS you choose should enable learners to access their marks so that they can scrutinize their grades and performance and update themselves duly. It must also automatically generate reports on the improvement of the trainee and can create reports of the grades of the learner and the progressions and patterns of those marks with other software.


The most efficient way to decide which non-profit LMS provides the highest ROI is to  evaluate each function and with the list of your must-have features on hand, consider your options. We suggest you look for a provider, who will not only provide access to an apt LMS for nonprofits but will also skillfully convert available resources or create new educational content for your business.