Taking Cyber Security measures for your business is a top priority

Taking Cyber Security measures for your business is a top priority

It is 2022, and cyber security risks are more consequential than ever. It has become essential for every business to take cyber security measures to ensure a smooth workflow. Many businesses have gotten out of work and have paid huge fines just because of a simple hack found in their systems. There are multiple ways to fraud a business into phishing and other ransomware online because of the lack of awareness.

 It is not worth destroying the livelihood of thousands of people working in a business just because the common cyber security measures were not taken. Ensure to safeguard your business against these threats and prevent it from being the victim of online cyber-attacks. You can get a trusted VPN subscription to see if it works fine with you. A VPN free trial can help you decide if you want to continue using one or not. Protecting all your devices simultaneously does sound like a good deal, right? There are many VPN service providers that offer multiple device connections on a single subscription. 

What is a Cyber Attack?

It can be considered conscious exploitation of your business’s systems or network. A malicious code used by cyber attackers can compromise your computer or data and leak or hold it. This is why the prevention of cyber-attacks has to be the number priority for every business these days. Below, you will find some common forms of cyberattacks that have been in the market for quite a good time now. 

  •         Breach of access
  •         Identity theft, extortion, fraud
  •         Password sniffing
  •         Website defacement
  •         Malware, phishing, spyware, viruses, and spamming
  •         Denial-of-service
  •         Stolen hardware such as smartphones or laptops
  •         Instant messaging abuse
  •         Intellectual property or unauthorized access

Here are some essential cyber security measures every business must take

The following cyber security measures can help every online business stay safe and prevent any possible cyber-attack. 

1.      Create strong passwords

The password has to be difficult to not be guessed by anyone. Strong passwords are the first step toward a good prevention program against cyber-attacks. Below you will find some suggestions on how to make a strong password.

  •         Use the combination of capital and small letters and include symbols and    numbers.
  •         You have to keep it at least 12 characters long
  •         You must change it regularly
  •         Activate the two-factor authorization
  •         You should never use it for multiple accounts

Ensure to have a password policy included in your business to help your employees know its importance. They should know how to reset the password. Moreover, you should inform them of what can happen if the password is compromised. Employee awareness regarding these small breaches can boost your cyber-attack prevention program and take it to the next level. 

2.      The use of anti-viruses

The anti-virus software and firewalls play a great role in defending your systems against online malicious attacks. Good anti-virus software can detect suspicious malware, links, and other threats that you may download. Moreover, you should always ensure that these programs are up-to-date so that they work to their full potential. 

3.      Know your network well

There is no way to defend a network until you do not know it well. The information security team assigned by the business on its network must keep track of every activity to ensure that everything is okay. They must recognize every device and user on the network. They can easily detect any unusual activity or something suspicious if users break the pattern of how they always do things. 

For instance, if a user is accessing the files that do not concern him/her and moving them to another location, it may be possible that the device has been compromised and is attempting to plant malware. This is how the breach can be traced, and the recommended action can be taken. 

4.      The access management

As a business owner, you would not want your employees downloading something that may become a threat. There have been many cases where the malware has been entered the system because of an employee without knowing what it was downloaded something. 

You can prevent this by having complete admin rights and blocking such websites or services with a history of previous malicious software. This is something that can be seen in many businesses these days. It is your business; you have to protect it. 

5.      Employee personal accounts

Every employee working in a business must have their own account with unique credentials. If multiple users connect and log in with the same account, it can expand the probability of a cyber-attack. 

Instead of having the same account, users must have different accounts with unique passwords so that the usability can be improved as well. Almost every business is now adopting the same practice, considering how beneficial it can be. 

6.      Top-notch Wi-Fi security

Wi-Fi has become a necessity for every business these days. The thing that needs to be a priority here is ensuring that it does not get infected by connecting to a malicious network. If it gets infected, it can put the entire system at risk. This is why securing your Wi-Fi is something you must definitely do. 

Thousands of devices being connected to it on a daily basis must be kept track of so your network is not compromised. You can get a VPN to secure your Wi-Fi, as many businesses have been doing that. Browsing the internet without showing your actual IP has to be a daily practice. Moreover, you can use the IP address lookup tool to see if the VPN you use actually changes your IP address or not. 

7.      Audit your systems for vulnerabilities

Keeping a check on how your system is doing is something you should make your regular practice. There are businesses that do not bat an eye on how their system is working. A regular audit helps you find many weak points. Cyber-attackers look for these weaknesses, so they breach and plant malware in there. Every professional business performs regular audits, and the results are always successful. 

8.      Never let someone else use your account.

Your user account can have all the access you personally are allowed by your business. Trusting anyone other than yourself with it is not a good idea. If anyone intentionally or unintentionally becomes the bridge to welcome malware into the system, you will be the one held accountable for their actions. 


With every passing day, the need for cyber security measures increases rapidly. Yes, it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to having a well-planned strategy to encounter cyber-attacks, but it is totally worth your time and attention. Having peace of mind that your online activity is secured brings a sense of achievement for sure. For instance, you can use a VPN for many more reasons other than cyber security. You can use the best VPN for Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc., in order to bypass the geo-restrictions, it may have in some countries.