Car Analytics Launched New Multi-check Features

Car Analytics Launched New Multi-check Features

A significant money-saving deals for auto traders and used car lovers!


Looking for bulk or multi-vehicle check services? Car Analytics offers unique products for both customers and dealers. There is a significant price difference between a single check and pricing for more than two or more cars.


Introducing Multi check packages  


UK auto dealers are required to do necessary safety checks and value tests, which can be costly. 


A single history checks cost £9.95, and basic checks cost £1.99.Offering discounted checks would reduce the stress of a dealer. Hence, Car Analytics launched new multi check features. Three vehicle checks cost you £19.99, which is equal to only £6.99 per vehicle. Also, five vehicle checks cost £24.99, which means each check costs around £4.99. Check prices here for more features.


There are no complicated sign-ups or hidden fees. It provides access to the cheapest vehicle check available on the market today.

 Trade Deals for More Than Five Vehicle Checks:


Car Analytics solves the problem of dealers checking for more than ten vehicles through trade arrangements. Trade vehicle check packages are useful for auto shops that inspect 20 or more vehicles.

Three Auto Trader Packages  


  • The 20 Trade Check costs £66, an equivalence of £2.75 inc.VAT per vehicle. It gets cheaper in higher trade deals. 
  • In the 50 Trade Check, the vehicle checks cost £150. So, it means £2.50 inc.VAT per vehicle check – a 15p discount for the UK traders. 
  • We offer 100 Trade checks for large businesses at the lowest price possible. Each vehicle check will cost £ 2.25 inc.VAT, and in total, it will charge you £270. 


EXTRA Outstanding Feature for Dealers 


Where you can find the industry insights instantly. Auto traders can find this valuable information about all the aspects of car buying. The below info graphic shows a glimpse of the dashboard. 


Currently, the portal offers near-time insights to make data-driven decisions. You can access the dashboard with a small fee.


Easy Access with Login Options


It offers all the above features under a dashboard that provides easy access with a login option. it is a one-stop-shop for UK traders. It provides useful industry insights, earns commission and saves more from vehicle checks. 


Car Analytics is one of the leading multi award winning vehicle data provider in the UK. It sources the information from Experian. The checks are protected by a data guarantee policy. 


Therefore, dealers or buyers can get complete peace of mind that their checks, valuations and details are in the safest possible hands when they buy these unique and valuable multi-check offers.


Affiliation Partnerships for Earned Commission


Car Analytics offers affiliate programs where dealers have to sign-up for the portal. It offers the chance to receive commissions when promoting the brand. 

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