How Commercial Solicitors Can Help You

How Commercial Solicitors Can Help You

Whether you are thinking of starting up your own small business, or you are already established and growing, it’s important to seek expert legal advice from time to time. Your business can only be enhanced by gaining knowledge and help from experts like commercial solicitors, so it’s definitely worth investing in. Here’s what services commercial solicitors provide, and how they can help you.

Forming A Company and Merging Companies

A commercial solicitor can help make sure your business is set up properly and any legal aspects aren’t missed, meaning that your company is protected from its very beginning. They can also assist with any company mergers, acquisitions or takeovers

Commercial Property

Commercial solicitors can help you with the processes and legal aspects required when you want to buy, sell or lease out a property for commercial purposes. The right solicitor can make these tasks feel much simpler and do most of the work for you, leaving you to concentrate fully on your business and other commitments.

They will also help out with any complex issues or disputes when it comes to developing property, making sure a new build won’t infringe on any one else’s rights, such as the Right of Light.

“Right of Light” means if they have existed long enough, certain buildings may have acquired a legal right to prevent another structure that blocks their light from being built. A commercial solicitor can put you in touch with a recommended surveyor that will investigate this for you. Doing this will protect your business or planned development, as a right of light breach could result in having to pay neighbouring properties compensation.

Being aware of legalities like right of light is also useful in a personal law setting as well.


Commercial solicitors can help write up solid contracts that protect both you and your employees’ rights, stopping any big problems occurring and even escalating to court. It will prevent any issues like the need for disciplinary action, while also keeping workers happy and helping to prevent the business from losing its important workers in higher up roles.

How to Find a Good Commercial Solicitor

A good commercial solicitor shouldn’t be too far, typing solicitors Ipswich to find services in Suffolk, for example, should bring up legal experts within your area. You can then browse their website to see what specialities they offer and contact them to make any enquiries you have. Don’t forget to research the solicitors’ office a bit by checking reviews on places like Google.

Copyrights and Patents

Intellectual properties created by the business and vital to its function need to be protected by registering them officially. Not properly patenting an idea could lead to other businesses using similar ideas of their own and impact your profits.

Tax Issues

Having a good solicitor to get involved in organising any tax issues will make sure no detail is missed. They will help make sure tax isn’t avoided, ignored and that you don’t pay too much or too little.


Many commercial solicitors will have a wide client base that they can put you in touch with. These clients they can refer you to could potentially assist you with your business, provide a service or become a supplier or a client of yours. Much like they can refer you to a surveyor for property development or a financial advisor, networking via your solicitor will help expand and make your business better.


A good commercial lawyer can make sure the terms and conditions on the contracts required for the business to operate are clear. This will make sure clients pay the right amount for the services performed for them and maximise your company’s returns.


A commercial solicitor can also help with certain aspects of personal issues like divorce. For example, a solicitor can help deal with aspects of a divorce that affect the business, minimising the risk to the business and working to retain its assets and value.

Get a Commercial Solicitor Today

As you can see, hiring a commercial solicitor’s expertise is vital to many functions of a business, so maximise your company’s potential by using their services as much as needed.