When do you need an employment attorney?

Several disagreements can arise in a workplace, whether it is the salaries or the work conditions. Employment attorneys are specialized lawyers who deal with problems and negotiate matters between employers and employees. 

They have experience in most problems that might arise in the workplace. A few common case scenarios are being fired without proper reason, wage discrimination, working conditions, unlawfully long work hours, etc. While in most cases, the employer is held to be at fault, there are exceptions where it is unfair on the employer. Labor law is complex and an employer law attorney is necessary to protect the company. 

If you live in LA, here’s how you can get the best employment attorney in Los Angeles. But when exactly do you approach an employment lawyer?

What exactly is an employment lawyer?

There are two types of employment lawyers: one that specializes in representing the claimants, mostly the employees, and one that represents the defendants, mostly the employers. 

Employment lawyers that lay out the claim is more commonly referred to as employment rights lawyers. At the same time, lawyers who defend employers are known as management attorneys. 

Most lawyers take cases on the side they specialize in; however, there are some that can do both. 

What exactly does an employment lawyer do?

An employment lawyer specifically deals with any and every case related to employment. Sometimes issues of work safety, wage discrimination, racial or gender-based discrimination, work hours, etc., arise in a workplace with no consensus reached by the employers and the employees. 

An employment rights lawyer helps the claimant understand whether there has been a breach of his rights or not. Furthermore, they are able to identify if all other methods of reconciliation have been tried or not. Finally, when every option has been tried, they will analyze whether the matter is worth going to court for. 

In most cases, the disagreement can be resolved amongst the lawyers of either side themselves, who are aware of the rules and abide by them to understand whose fault it is. 

When should you approach a lawyer? 

Generally, employees are recommended to approach a lawyer once it is clear that there is a problem, and the employer is doing nothing to make it better. Sometimes, the problem can be resolved amongst each side’s lawyers; other times, they may have to contemplate the gravity of the problem and understand whether it is worth going to court for. 

In the US, there is an EEOC. This is an organization that looks into employee matters and tries to resolve them before going to court. This agency looks into the matter and understands the gravity of the issue. 

In most cases, the issue is resolved in the EEOC. If not, claimants can choose to go to court. 


Employment lawyers are a great benefit for employees and employers who may not be properly aware of the laws regarding employment. Just the understanding of the ground rules can help resolve many conflicts before even starting.