Signs You Need to Call a Tree Surgeon

If you have a tree in your outdoor space, you want to make sure it’s healthy. They’re vital for our ecosystem and can blossom into the perfect decoration in your garden.

However, if you think there’s something wrong, the tree may need help from a specialist tree surgeon. Trees can be dangerous when not taken care of correctly. If this is the case, you should get in touch with a local company. You can do this by searching tree surgeon Chelmsford to find your local service.

Not sure what an unhealthy tree looks like? This article will run through the list of signs to look out for and once you come across any of them, you should call a professional tree surgeon who will be able to deal with the issue. It might be salvageable, so it’s key to get in touch as soon as you notice something could be wrong.

A tree surgeon has the knowledge and experience to identify the problem, find a solution and offer advice. Get in touch with a professional if you have any queries about a tree near you or in your garden.

Damaged at the Root

If a tree is damaged at the root, which can be tricky to spot. One sign to look out for is wilting leaves on the tree. It’s usually heat and drought that will cause a tree’s leaves to wilt and that it doesn’t have enough water in the soil.

This can be fixed with a good soaking. Get in touch with a tree surgeon near you to be sure.

Leaning Tree

If a tree has started to lean to one side, there is clearly something wrong at the root. This can easily become a hazard with the potential to fall at any moment, so it’s key to get a professional to have a look as soon as you notice it start to lean.

Overgrowing Branches

Overgrowing and dead branches are another clear sign that something is wrong. This can happen if trees are too close to each other, causing their branches to grow over one another and rotting. A specialist tree surgeon may be able to prune the tree to save it.

Large Crown

Trees can grow to a point where they are too big and need to get cut. But most people aren’t aware of when a tree has reached this state. Usually, the size of the crown is the giveaway.

If the tree has started blocking sunlight from getting through (in areas that used to get a lot of sunlight) then this could suggest it is too large for your garden. You should call a tree surgeon to see what they can do about this.

Neighbour Disputes

When trees begin to overgrow and take over your neighbour’s garden, it can sometimes cause disputes and arguments. To avoid this, you should get the tree trimmed by a professional and keep on top of your tree maintenance.

You shouldn’t leave it until it’s too late as you could get charged a big repair bill if the tree causes damage to your neighbour’s garden or house. As soon as you notice it growing over your neighbour’s garden, or your neighbour mentions it to you, get a professional opinion to see the best options available.

Signs That a Tree is Dying

  • Little to no leaves in the warm months
  • Brittle trunk and bark which falls off
  • Leaves are growing patchy

If you notice any of these signs, it’s possible that the tree could be dying. This could be due to a disease or old age, but you should get an experienced tree surgeon to look before taking action. They will know what’s wrong, whether it is salvageable or whether they need to cut the tree down.

To find a tree surgeon local to you, search tree surgeon Chelmsford, or the nearest town to you. They will be able to get to you as quickly as possible to offer their advice and services.