MyBar™ makes drinking at home more safe, simple & stylish

MyBar™ makes drinking at home more safe, simple & stylish

The personal electronic alcohol dispenser pours alcoholic drinks accurately with a touch of a button to avoid over-pouring and over-intoxication when drinking at home

Research suggests that the average home drinker generally tends to pour a 38ml single compared to a standard 25ml due to various glass sizes, intoxication levels and lack of awareness, which means most people drinking at home are potentially drinking large amounts unknowingly.

It was this insight that drove a design engineering student and part-time bartender from Bournemouth, to design MyBarTM – a patent-pending personal electronic alcohol dispenser that pours accurately and works with the touch of a button.

“The idea for the MyBarTM arose when I was drinking at home with some friends. I asked one of them to pour me a single JD and coke however it tasted like he poured a triple,” explained Kieran Shams-Abbeckah, creator of the MyBarTM, “I asked him to show me how much alcohol he poured but he could not remember. I tried to pour a single serving myself from the bottle but couldn’t understand the pour size. As a bartender of 5 years I was humbled. After researching a bit, I discovered that overpouring is a big issue for those who drink at home.”

Kieran considered buying bar optics and measures, however he wanted an all-in-one appliance that could pour multiple sizes accurately at the touch of a button so that he wouldn’t have to worry about failing his pour sizes. He searched online for something with these features but found nothing… which is when he saw an opportunity to create something unique himself.

“Whilst studying Design Engineering I worked as a bartender in various nightclubs and events to fund this project and was able to acquire knowledge and experience which had a big influence on the design of the device” Kieran said.

To use the sleek and stylish MyBarTM system, the user simply chooses the size of pour with a measurement dial located at the front of the device. Sizes of pour include 15ml, 25ml, 35ml, 50ml, 70ml and free pour which are all boldly colour-coded for simple reading. When you’re ready to dispense you simply press the button under their drink of choice to pour and the MyBarTM automatically pours accurately to 0.1 ml.

The MyBarTM bottle connector makes installation onto bottles easy with indicators to ensure the label of the drinks are facing forward and has the ability to hold two 1litre bottles and a drip tray for collection of spillages. The device can be mounted to a wall if desired.

“It has been a tough 4-year journey taking MyBarTM from paper to reality. Being a student, it was difficult accessing funding which resulted to me using the majority of my student loan to fund the project. I failed to pay rent. I lived off the bare minimum essentials and I did not pass second year of my course however, through the countless failures, hard work and perseverance I am thankful so say I have created a product that I am really proud of and I hope will add value and joy to people’s lives and enhance their drinking experience.”

MyBarTM is now in its final development stage. Simply sign up via the link below to find out when you can get a MyBarTM at a discounted price.
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