5 Workplace Interior Design Trends that will inspire you

Workplace interior design is constantly evolving every day. Many employers now focus more on providing the right office equipment, technology and the right interior design for their staff. Boring office design and lifeless furniture are behind us.

Many business owners are adapting to the inspiring office design as research has shown that it can improve employees’ performance and wellbeing. And also it can prevent Workplace absenteeism.

Office interiors create an environment that has a good impact on business values, culture, and mission. With technological innovation, there are a lot of different office designs for different offices and businesses. Many businesses now understand the importance of having an inspiring office design. Here are the 5 workplace interior design trends that will inspire you:

  • Monochromatic Design

Monochromatic interior design is one of the popular office design trends that are being seen at the moment. Monochromatic refers to using one colour. But for monochromatic interior design, it means decorating the workplace with shades of one main colour scheme. Interior designers use the same hue, tones, and spectrum of shades throughout the elements in office, from the furniture to the curtains, artwork, wall paint and more. It is known for its dramatic shades, matte finishes and soft hues.

  • Plants

Plants are here to stay and are becoming more popular in the workplace. Most office interiors now have moss wall and green walls as part of a company’s branding and culture. It creates a sustainable brand image for the company. Workplace ceilings can even be constructed in a manner to hang plants. 

Hanging plants creates a home-style ambience and balances the line between leisure and business. The ceiling is efficient in maximizing office space. Types of plants that can be hung include air plants, moss ball with birds’ nests, Pothos plants, and Ivy.

  • Wood

Wood is also one of the top trends that are being seen at the moment. This is significantly different to the whiteboard drywall which was used in the construction of traditional offices with metal cubicles. 

Workplaces focus on sustainability as their strategy and in trying to attract the best-skilled personnel. They have embraced an environmentally conscious space to keep the employee motivated and satisfied. Designers avoid rustic looks and decorate with an authentic and organic look.

Floor, countertops and walls are constructed with wood. It gives the office a biophilic texture and adds warmth. Recently, the demand for tree stumps has increased because more of it is being used in office interior design.

  • Hospitality Design

Another interior design trend that will inspire you is hospitality design. With technological innovation, there is an increase in the digital aspect of our lives. Many people work from home or work half the week. The recent changes have made many business owners redesign the workplace. A comforting space is created to satisfy the changing needs of the workers. This type of hospitality design is usually found in bars, cafes and restaurants.

Comfortable furniture, games rooms, and coffee machines are installed to increase the productivity of the staff.

  • Retro Design

Inspiring office designs are being embraced by many companies. Iconic buildings and old space are redesigned to bring back the nostalgic quality of the building and Items including Retro gaming machines with Tetris, Old furniture, pinball machines, vinyl players and more are added.

These are our 5 workplace interior design trends that we have seen becoming more and more apparent over recent years. We also understand that many may still be working remotely at the moment, due to the ongoing pandemic. So, if you are working remotely, you still may be able to take inspiration from these suggestions. Have a study at home? Create a more relaxing atmosphere by adding plants, or maybe it’s time to update certain elements of that room? 

Office Wellbeing

We have touched on all the different workplace trends that may help to improve the performance of your staff, but we believe that office wellbeing, itself, should also be considered when trying to inspire any of your office workers. 

We have collated 6 main points to help improve your office/home office wellbeing and displayed them in a handy infographic below: