SmartSites Ranks #1 For Best PPC Management By ExpertMarket

SmartSites was ranked #1 for PPC management services by ExpertMarket.

SmartSites is a New Jersey based digital marketing company that offers web design, SEO, PPC (pay per click) marketing services, and more. Recently, ExpertMarket has ranked SmartSites amongst the top 10 PPC companies. This platform offers a wealth of resources to help businesses find, compare, and learn more about the companies that offer the products and services they need. “When trusted platforms such as ExpertMarket recognize our efforts and results, this speaks to our commitment of serving our clients’ needs to the best of our abilities,” said Michael Melen, Co-CEO and COO of SmartSites.

The competitive online climate that businesses find themselves in today has meant that PPC advertising is more important than ever before. As a fast and efficient way of positioning ads in front of the largest possible audience, big and small businesses alike can benefit from PPC marketing. When used in conjunction with an effective SEO strategy, businesses can grow by leaps and bounds. With so many competitors in the field, businesses are increasingly looking for the best PPC marketing solutions.

As the search engine with the largest platform share, most businesses choose to focus their PPC marketing efforts on Google. The best part is that businesses only pay whenever a customer visits their website, which is a huge pull factor for small businesses. SmartSites takes care of Google Ads management so that clients can focus on the other aspects of their business.

Besides search engines, social media is another platform that cannot be overlooked when it comes to growing a business today. That is why an increasing number of ads are run on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. When it comes to Facebook Ads management, SmartSites carefully analyzes the data and obtains actionable insights for their clients.


ExpertMarket aims to be a valuable resource for B2B customers, doing the research on the best companies they can engage a variety of services from. SmartSites has been ranked #1 for best PPC management due to their impressive track record with big clients such as Audi and Rakuten as well as their success in managing marketing campaigns for small businesses.

ExpertMarket believes that working with the right companies can make a huge difference when it comes to growing businesses, which is why they provide all the resources a business could possibly need under one page. Categorized into equipment, software, services and operations, any business looking for the perfect supplier or service provider to suit any need are sure to find a good recommendation on ExpertMarket.

About SmartSites

Named to the Inc. 5000 list for four consecutive years, SmartSites is a fast-growing company based in the heart of Paramus, New Jersey. The digital marketing agency specializes in Website Design, SEO, and PPC Advertising. SmartSites prides themselves in developing creative solutions that help elevate brands, serving clients in many different industries across the nation. If you need help with PPC marketing, SmartSites can be contacted at (201) 870-6000.

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