What is a Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation is an affordable alternative to a full-service funeral and only consists of cremating the body. This means there is no funeral service, wake or any guests, making it the cheapest funeral option. The family are given the ashes afterwards so they can use them as they like.

It’s a great choice for those who want minimal fuss or can’t afford to have a funeral service.

Families can also decide to have a direct cremation but arrange a funeral service later down the line.

It may also be referred to as a basic cremation, simple cremation or a cremation without ceremony.

How Does it Work?

The deceased may have chosen to have a direct cremation before they died, so paperwork will need to be completed before it can take place.

The cremation will take place whenever it is most suited to the crematorium, so the family won’t be able to see the deceased beforehand. You should take this into account before deciding whether to have a direct cremation.

What Takes Place During the Service

The most basic direct cremation includes the following:

–         The body will be cremated straight after the death to avoid the need for embalming and preparing the body.

–         A simple coffin will be used.

–         The funeral provider will choose the crematorium, the date and the time.

Differences Between Traditional and Direct Cremation

–         Traditional is usually around £3,700 compared to £1,600 for direct.

–         A wood coffin is usually used for traditional cremation, whereas a direct cremation coffin is usually simple.

–         Families can view the body beforehand in a traditional cremation, but this isn’t possible in the direct cremation.

–         Family members can decide on a time for the funeral service in a traditional cremation whereas a direct cremation time is decided by the crematorium.

How Much is a Direct Cremation?

The average cost of a direct cremation is around £1,600. When compared to the average cost of a basic funeral, which is around £4,000, a direct cremation is a much cheaper option.

Do You Need a Coffin to Get Cremated?

You can get cremated without the need of a coffin, but during a direct cremation a simple container is usually used. This can be made from cheaper material like cardboard rather than a solid coffin.

Reasons To Have a Direct Cremation

It’s The Cheapest Option

The average cost of a funeral is roughly £4,000 compared to £1,600 for a direct cremation. If money is a worry, this option is a cheaper way to get your loved one’s ashes. You won’t have to worry about paying for a funeral service or other additions.

There Aren’t Time Constraints

When you have a direct cremation, you don’t have to worry about time constraints.

A funeral has to take place not long after the death, but a direct cremation can take place whenever the crematorium can do it. This can provide more time for the family to arrange the funeral if they would like one.

For Those Who Don’t Want a Funeral Service

Some people don’t want their family to have to pay for a funeral service. It could be a personal choice, or they may not have the money, so they may choose to have a direct cremation instead.

You Want to Avoid the Fuss

If you aren’t keen on having a funeral but your family still wants to spread your ashes, a direct cremation is a good choice. Your loved ones can do what they like with your ashes without the need for planning a funeral.

Is This for You?

If you’re looking into your funeral options, a direct cremation is a choice most people aren’t aware of. It is a good option for families without a lot of money, for those who want less fuss and don’t want a funeral.

Otherwise, a traditional funeral service may be the option for you. Take into account the prices, what comes with a funeral service and how much you or your family can afford before making the decision.