The Challenges of Becoming a DeFi Investor, with Luis Alvarado, the Founder of Unlimited Leverage

When Luis Alvarado immersed himself into the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) investment out of curiosity for understanding the structure of the emerging crypto economy, he faced a complex conundrum – how to learn about an industry so brand-new that its handbook is still a rough draft?

“With DeFi, there are not even any learning courses,” said Luis during a recent interview, recounting his beginnings in DeFi investment. “There are some things here and there, but even that, there are too many scams. It’s almost like the wild wild west of investing.”

Luis is the founder and owner of Unlimited Leverage, a passive income accelerator program that teaches students how to generate passive income streams in the crypto market. Over the past years, Luis has built a career as a successful DeFi investor and a prominent DeFi investing mentor. Through his passive income accelerator course, he has helped hundreds of students yield up to 500% in annual returns and increase their wealth.

One of Luis’ strongest motivations to become a DeFi investing mentor was the frustration of not finding educational material in his early career as a DeFi investor. A little more than a decade ago, Bitcoin was first launched, and the blockchain was still a technology in diapers. And to this day, the supporting structures that form the backbone of the crypto economy are still in development.

In a recent Zoom interview, Luis connected from his condo in Las Vegas, NV, to narrate some of the challenges he encountered at the dawn of his career as a DeFi investor. Also, he discussed how these challenges inspired him to launch his passive income accelerator program.

Currently, the blueprints of the crypto economy continue to be a work in development. Although this economic phenomenon remains in its early stages, the effect of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in the global economy are undeniable. Ordinary everyday people from any corner of the globe can now save and send funds and have access to high-return investments.

Yet, the novelty and decentralized nature of the crypto market inadvertently create a fertile ground for misinformation and internet scams.

“A lot of people enter DeFi investment, and they don’t know what they are doing,” said Luis. “They end up losing quite a bit of money.”

Luis’ interest in DeFi investment arose after watching videos of people online bragging about making fast fortunes through crypto. However, Luis recognized that what these videos promoted as passive income was not such. He wanted to learn how to generate passive income streams with this growing technology.

“I saw how people were making money online and promising passive income, and I am like that’s not really passive income,” said Luis.

Before starting his career as a DeFi investor, Luis had spent some years passively investing in the stock market. Although he had never received a formal education in finance, he had acquired most of his knowledge on investing empirically out of the desire to learn how to manage his finances.

For Luis at the time, crypto was the most logical next step to reach the maximum interest out of his investments.

“I saw this new opportunity where you could make hundreds of dollars, and you don’t have to have tens of thousands of dollars to do it,” said Luis. “You can literally start with a little bit of money and see really great returns.”

When Luis dived into DeFi investment, he encountered a shortage of courses on this subject and an abundance of misinformation and copycat scams. He was forced to use his knowledge on investing in the stock market and translate it into DeFi investment.

“Because the field is so brand-new,” explained Luis, “I ended up taking my knowledge in the principles of building wealth, and I took those same ideas to study crypto.”

Over the years, Luis has had the opportunity to grow alongside the crypto economy. As Luis learned how to generate passive income with DeFi investment, he was able to witness how the supporting structures and technologies of this industry were being developed.

“DeFi is rebuilding the financial and exchange markets,” said Luis. “Since it is being built from the ground up, we get to learn a lot about how money works.”

The challenges Luis encountered in the early days of his career in DeFi investment inspired him to teach others how to access these financial opportunities. Today, at his “Passive Income Accelerator” program, Luis spends his days helping students worldwide learn how to invest in crypto and gain financial independence.

“There were literally no courses when I started,” concluded Luis, “that’s the reason why I’m teaching it, to help others do it the right way.”