introducing the new clothing brand on a mission to reduce the world’s carbon footprint

A brand-new British-based sustainable clothing brand has launched its first ever collection with the aim to reduce the clothing industry’s carbon footprint – starting quite literally from the ground up.


Available now, Social Socks is launching with the sole aim to change the way we view sustainability, specialising in environmentally-friendly socks that keep your carbon footprint low and your feet on a happy high.


While most socks go light on design, Social Socks will be available in a variety of bold and vibrant colours – including stone grey, forest green, ocean blue, dusty pink, midnight black, ice white and plum purple, with more collections soon to be released. Carefully embroidered with a Social Socks logo and made from combed cotton, the hygge-inducing socks are perfectly primed for adventure, with cushioned soles, increased arch support, and linked toe seams.

Social Socks are fully plastic-free, and packed only in recyclable paper packaging that is FSC certified and bio-degradable. A tree is planted whenever someone makes a purchase, and to take things one step further – they’ve committed to donating 10% of every single purchase to charity.

Social Socks’ founder, Marc Bucci, says that when people think about fossil fuels and climate change, people rarely consider or think about the impact the socks they wear have. 

“People should actually be seriously considering the impact their sock purchases have on the environment,” says Marc. 

“More and more people are purchasing products that have plastic-free packaging, which is fantastic – but what people don’t realise, is that the majority of cheap, regular sock brands are actually made with plastic, too.”

“Social Socks is stepping up with this ground-breaking collection of eco-friendly socks that are not only high-quality, but also help you reduce your carbon footprint. We use natural and vegan-certified materials to make each pair of socks, and are proud to manufacture all of our products in Britain instead of outsourcing them from around the world. When an order is placed through our website, a tree is planted through our partners at Ecologi. You can even check our virtual forest online, to see how many trees have been planted and where.”

Many socks today are made with artificial fibres, which shed plastic micro-fibres every time they are worn or washed. With over 60% of clothes being made with synthetic textiles that have derived from oil, producing these fibers can also have a profound impact on the climate – not to mention the fact that socks made with plastic could also be loaded with dangerous BPA.

That’s why Social Socks is on a mission to create the perfect sustainable sock for everyone, with an emphasis on bold design, unbeatable comfort and long-lasting quality. Launching initially with its first collection in June, the organic socks come in a variety of colours, with each pair being ethically produced in Britain to further minimise its carbon footprint.

Donating 10% of its total sales to WWF-UK, the company has also committed to packaging its products in recyclable paper letterbox packaging that fits neatly through any letterbox, meaning you’ll never miss a delivery.  

“Every day, more and more ‘plastic’ clothing is designed and manufactured to have a short lifespan,” says Marc.

“Fast-fashion is something everyone is starting to become aware of lately, but people rarely consider the impact their socks have when it comes to clothing. The impact isn’t just in the landfill, though, since micro-plastics are also being released into the environment at every step during use.”

“It’s safe to say that we have some pretty huge goals here at Social Socks. Not only do we want to eventually improve sustainability globally, but we hope that through our sales we will eventually raise £1 million for charity. As a father-of-two myself, I want to ensure my two daughters experience the world as we know it today – not how it’s predicted to be if people continue to ignore the impact of global warming and fast-fashion. That’s the real reason I started Social Socks, in the hope that others who agree and relate to this view will actually take a step in the right direction to reduce their global footprint from the ground up, like us.”

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