XBO: Coming Soon with a Unique Loyalty Program

XBO: Coming Soon with a Unique Loyalty Program

A new crypto exchange XBO will be  launching soon with a unique loyalty program. The exchange is working on  features that make the platform intuitive for users regardless of their trading experience.

XBO aims to provide equal opportunities to all users. Its values include simplicity, inclusivity, security, and trust. The exchange is offering  a loyalty program which consists of five tiers: silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and black diamond.

How Does the XBO Loyalty Program work?

Each progressive tier in the XBO loyalty program  offers additional benefits, such as greater cashbacks, lower trading fees, and more free crypto and fiat withdrawals. You will need experience points (XPs) to climb the tiers. The higher the tier, the more XPs are required.

By registering during the early access period, the first 10,000 users can start trading with a lifetime membership to the gold tier.

Find below the details of the loyalty program.

Features Silver  Gold Platinum Diamond  Black Diamond
XP required 100 XP 10,000 XP 65,000 XP 650,000 XP 2,100,000 XP
Free Crypto Deposit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spot trading fees (taker/maker) in % 0.40% / 0.30% 0.38% / 0.29% 0.36% / 0.27% 0.32% / 0.24% There are more benefits in black diamond status than lower tiers
Free Crypto Withdrawals N/A 2 per month 3 per month 4 per month
Free Fiat Withdrawals N/A 2 per month 3 per month 4 per month
XBO Card N/A Gold Platinum Diamond (Free Metal)
Crypto Rewards N/A Randomized amount 2.5 x Randomized amount 10 x Randomized amount

How to Win Black Diamond Status?

The first 10,000 users to get verified during the early access period will automatically earn a lifetime membership to the Gold tier and a chance to enter a draw for 10 lifetime memberships to the exclusive black diamond tier.  They would otherwise need to accumulate 2,100,000 XP to achieve top tier status.

Bottom Line

Going by the loyalty program discussed above, it seems that the platform has unique ways of serving its customers. We are eagerly waiting for the launch of XBO. We’ll keep you updated regarding the launch and related developments.